This Is Not a Lyre #Music #Poem

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This is not a lyre.
It looks like one, if you know what a lyre looks like.

It has a rounded soundbox from which two arms reach to the sky.
One arm is shorter than the other,
but it has no disadvantage.

The top of the lyre comes to a point
that, on this one that is not,
faces away from the player.

From the point, the long arm slopes sharply toward the player,
almost like a sliding board.

Along this arm are tuning pins.
You guessed it–
the strings are attached to these
and tied to a bridge on the lower part of the soundbox.
Yes, it looks like a lyre.

Yet this is not a lyre.
It is a music box to say the least,
a magic box,
a mystical box,
the bottle containing
the alchemist’s elixir of immortality.

It won’t make you immortal.
But think about it.
Would you really want to be
immortal, ever remaining in your current form?
I didn’t think so!

But the music
of the mystical,
musical box
can lead you
to your immortal soul.

This is not a lyre,
but you might misconstrue its unassuming form,
if you didn’t know better.

But you, dear reader,
know better!

is not
a lyre…

An object poem for

Lifeboat #Decima #Poem

O life can ever pull us down
And shake our moorings, rock our boat.
But somehow we can stay afloat!
We find a sudden path to ground;
We’re battered, bruised, but haven’t drowned!
And that’s the reason people say,
“Where there’s a will, there is a way.”
Despite hard times, it must be true.
There is a way for me and you.
So let us lift our sails of faith!

Written for
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 40: (FLOAT) in the B rhyme line.

Suppression 3TC #Limerick #Poem

How we push and we press and we shove
To suppress all our negative stuff…
And each time we do that,
We are not really flat…
On the contrary: We must erupt!

Written for
#Threethingschallenge #480: Stuff, push, flat.

To everyone who posts a daily prompt like this, I give you my thanks and admiration! I appreciate your dedication, encouragement, and inspiration, even though I can’t participate every day. Thank you! ❤

First Thing, Last Thing #SOCS #Poem

First thing was probably a slide whistle.
Yes, the one I climbed the washer and dryer
and nearly fell,
while trying to retrieve it,
from the cabinet.
You know, the high cabinet where Mom hid it,
because I wasn’t supposed to have it.
First thing, I’m pretty sure,
was that slide whistle
shaped like a fish!

Next things were
little cymbals,
a triangle,
and a tambourine…
Followed by bamboo flutes
and anything else I could get my hands on!

Finally, at age 10,
I officially became a musician!
But it was organ lessons they wanted for me.
I, of course, had other plans–
plans that were fulfilled
when my parents bought the piano I wanted,
along with the organ they wanted for me!

God bless the lady who had to move
and couldn’t take them with her!
She didn’t know it,
but in selling her precious piano,
she gave me a pathway to peace
that will last my whole lifetime
and, I pray, beyond!

After the piano,
in no particular order, came
Mountain dulcimer,
other flutes and whistles,
violin, later viola,
zither and lyre,
banjo and banjo ukulele,
frame drums
and handbells of all kinds…

I know I’m forgetting some,
and I feel bad for that.
Because each instrument,
no matter how well or badly I played it,
gave me something
I still have today.

I still play,
still love,
still feel the magic,
and still find peace
on the musical journey
that is my life
and the life
I share with others.

This is my Tao, my Way to
wisdom and understanding…
My path to
compassion for myself and others…
In short,
my path to God!

Music was my first thing.
It is my current thing.
And it will be
my eternal
last thing!

My response to Linda G. Hill’s
Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SOCS Prompt: First thing.

Seven Worlds, Seven Steps #Cinquain #Poem

before the rain
told all to stay inside.
Of course, not everyone obeyed…

after the rain,
with the coming of dawn,
the bright-shining symbol of a
new leaf.

Our own
Garden of Eden,
where perhaps no storms rage,
only exists eternally
in Light.

we find
matcha for tea,
giving thanks for supply;
respecting, taking what we need
to live.

of avarice
is fed by humankind…
Yet we always have the option
]to choose!

Black tie
around his neck
chokes off the serpent’s greed.
And Light is always here, beyond
false dark.

We live
in half-and-half,
Light and dark together.
Which we see depends on our own

My response to Linda Kruschke’s wonderful
Chance Cinquain Paint Chip Prompt!

Life Portrait #Poem

Each thought is a dab on the canvas of life,
Expressing and coloring sweetness or strife.

It’s something like nothing within our control–
And thinking affects body, mind, and our soul.

O artist, choose carefully, consciously, wise,
While daily creating your portrait of life!

My Quadrille in response to De’s “dab” prompt at

Open-hearted #Poem

O that our hearts of polished stone
Would ride like cowboys in the night!
Come quickly now to help just one
And stay until the morning light!
With mind and spirit shining bright
And body comforted by touch,
We’d feel less lonely in our plight.
I don’t believe I ask too much!

O Rocky Mountains, deep in tone,
Give us your song of strength and might!
Help all remember, small and grown,
That each one has a place in life!
And whether ag-ed or a sprite,
Compassion true is not a crutch.
A gift of love, the heart’s delight!
I don’t believe I ask too much!

O that our hearts of polished stone
Would ride like cowboys in the night!
Come quickly now to help just one
And stay until the morning light!
With mind and spirit shining bright
And body comforted by touch,
We’d feel less lonely in our plight.
I don’t believe I ask too much!

O Prince of Peace, You, Love and Light!
Let us release the fear we clutch!
And open to Your loving sight–
I don’t believe I ask too much!

This is a
written for Linda Kruschke’s weekly
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt.

PSA: If you, like me, cannot read text in images, click the Ballade link above for a written explanation and examples of the form.