Our Bless-ed Friendship

What a bless-ed friendship
The Lord has given us!
Ev’ry day I thank Him
For this gift from above.

We have understanding,
And something we both know
Is that, whatever happens,
We will always have love.

The Lord has given some gifts
That one can see and hear.
But friendship is a gift, too,
That we should all hold dear.

Thus, when you’re feeling lonely
And think that no one cares,
Remember our great friendship:
It will always be there.

From my only creative writing class ever, a high school English class I enjoyed very much. Thank you, Mrs. L.


Gather Ye Rosebuds

You gather my ghosts and get my goat.
You yank my chain and rock my boat.
You push my buttons, steal my heart,
You burst my bubble, make your mark.
The best I never bargained for,
I’d sell the farm to just be yours.

A little sarcastic and very true Quadrille for
If you have ever been in love, you’re nodding your head right about now. 🙂


Maybe if I write it,
Then perhaps I’ll do it.

Maybe if I write it,
Then I will stick to it.

Maybe if I write it,
This thing will relieve me.

Maybe if I write it,
Then I will believe me!

Another high school poem that rings so true I could have written it today. Years later, my masters thesis was “Journaling for Higher Consciousness,” and I still keep a personal and spiritual journal.

An Angel Named Crystal

God has sent an angel.
She’s with me every day.
God has sent an angel.
All I have to do is pray.
I feel her tears.
And she feels mine.
Now forevermore our lives are intertwined.
Two souls that have blended from the very start.
Forevermore our spirits shall never part.

This poem was lovingly written for me by my fiance,
The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

Falling in Love

Your emails I read like no other;
Your words always real, not pretend.
I valued your mind and your passion,
But I wasn’t in love with you then.

I cherished your humor and laughter
And each little quip you would send.
You gave me a smile I could count on,
But I wasn’t in love with you then.

You said you were thinking about me;
I said there’s no stopping God’s plans,
That distance and time cannot phase Him,
But I wasn’t in love with you then.

I needed your deep understanding
To help with the loss of a friend.
You offered your heart and your spirit,
But I wasn’t in love with you then.

Respect in your voice found me seeking;
I felt closer to you as a man.
My woman’s heart leapt at your sweetness,
And I fell in love with you then.

Together we’re planning our future,
As soulmates and lovers and friends.
And when I look back on our story,
My heart falls in love once again.


I am not responsible
for anyone but me.
God help me let the worry go
and set my thinking free.

I am not responsible
for someone else’s life.
So let me take my special way
and put their thoughts aside.

I am not responsible
for someone else’s pain.
So let me share the sweetness
of a healthy mind unchained.

I am not responsible
to anyone but Christ.
He lets me make my own mistakes
and loves me all the while.