Silver Reflection #Writephoto #Song #Poem

Enjoy the silvery sound of the zither (plucked psaltery or lap harp).

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1. Water reflecting the twilight,
Silvery blessings unfold.
Nature is Life,
Day into night,
Look for the Light they hold.

2. You are a silver reflection,
Shining your state of mind.
The Spirit in you
Knows every Truth.
Seek It and you will find.

3. You’re the Creator’s reflection,
Prism of peace and love.
Already here,
Nothing to fear,
For as below, so above.

4. Water reflecting the twilight,
Silvery blessings unfold.
Nature is Life,
Day into night,
You are the Light they hold.

Nature is Life,
Day into night,
You are the Light they hold.
You are the Light they hold.


Silver reflection
As below mirrors above
Truth of your being.

Written for
Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto Prompt, Silver.

Remember (The LOA Song)

On Ukulele, from the album
And so it Is! Vol. 1

Grandma’s House #Poem

Did Jesus go to Grandma’s house
For sweets and cakes and bread?
Did Grandma ruffle up his hair
And kiss his little head?

Did Grandma call him in from play
With clanging dinner bell?
Did she tuck Jesus into bed
And pray that he’d sleep well?

Did Jesus wake with morning light
To smells of Grandma’s cooking?
Did he explore her storage rooms
For mysteries a-looking?

Did Grandma know her first grandchild
Would come to be the Christ?
Or was he just her Jesus-boy
She cherished day and night?

Did Jesus go to Grandma’s house
With joy and playful plans?
And did he love as children do,
His precious Grandma, Anne?

I’d really like to think he did,
And I suppose he might.
Because he lived like all of us
In God’s own loving Light.

The loving of a Grandmother
Who’s gentle, wise and kind,
Is Spirit taking form to bless
A child’s heart and mind.

Our Nature #Poem

The writers of songs
And the makers of art,
The poetry’s poets
Seek beauty at heart.

We know who we are,
Or we’re trying to find
The meaning of life
And the Nature of mind.

The Mystics and Sages
Whose treasure is Light,
Discover the Truth
Of their Being inside.

It may take some time
To be noticed and heard;
Yet the seeker will find it,
The Light of the Word.

For the Word is your Spirit;
It’s not in a book.
You must journey within,
Not outside for a look.

Like the Mystics and Sages,
The artists and bards,
You’ll uncover the beauty
That dwells in your heart.

And this beautiful Nature
Is yours, free and clear,
When you claim the awareness
Right now and right here.

It’s your Light and your Treasure
That’s perfect and whole;
It’s the Truth of your Being
In heart, mind and soul!

Life’s Lost Meaning #Poem

What is obdurate?
Most don’t know
the meaning of the word.

Yet we live it
every time we are stubborn,
unwilling to listen,
not easily moved to compassion,
and when we demonstrate,
in thoughts, words or actions,
lack of empathy
toward another being.

We point fingers
at others,
because, of course,
they are the problem.

But perhaps
this word of unknown meaning
sucks the very meaning
from within our own lives…

72 words using “obdurate,” which I had to look up, for Sammi Cox’s
Weekend Writing Prompt #161

The Garden of Eden #Poem

The Garden of Eden was quiet
With no rubber duckies in sight.
No great monsoon in the morning,
And no hot cocoa at night.

They didn’t need any kindling;
God grew every plant they could eat.
And yet we’re told they ate the one
That brought all us humans defeat.

So, Adam and Eve wore a fig leaf,
But oh no, that wasn’t enough!
I wonder… Would it have been different,
If there flourished one tree of cheese puffs?

This poem uses 6 of Linda’s 7 words for
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #24

Thy Kingdom Come #Poem

Thy Kingdom come within my soul!
I seek the Truth that I am whole,
To know and live my purpose here
And take the path that Heaven clears.

Thy Kingdom come within my heart!
I seek to love and do my part,
To share compassion, joy and peace
Through Heaven’s Christ that lives in me.

Thy Kingdom come within my hands!
I seek release from bonds and bands.
In Oneness with the living Christ,
By showing love I shine the Light.

Thy Kingdom come within my mind!
I seek to Heaven’s blessings find
And bring them into light on earth,
For souls open to all their worth.

Thy Kingdom come, not then, but now!
And seeking minds will find out how.
Becoming quiet, go within
To where the Heav’nly Kingdom is!

A Freeing Friend #Poem

On the school bus we did ride,
Up and down, from side to side.

The apple of my eye was she;
I flourished in her company.

Ballet slippers? I couldn’t dance,
But that was of no consequence.

Jack and the Beanstalk was our tale;
Through endless dunes we blazed a trail.

And softer than a kitten’s nose,
The sawdust rose and fell and rose.

From home to school we made our tracks,
And then one day we made a pact:

To be best friends as long as time,
And she remains within my mind.

For she is me and I am she,
Imagination! Light and free!

For Linda Kruschke’s
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #23