Ice and Fire (Sonnet)

The water ever cold is freezing fast;
The ice is taking shape within my mind.
My moments flicker dim and slowly pass,
Engulfing all the warmth I cannot find.

But deep within my heart a fire burns;
I feel the ice inside commence to creek.
A tiny spark that starts a gentle churn,
And rippling strong my heart begins to beat.

I recognize the thawing of the Spring,
As nature gives the ice a knowing shove.
Now even winter stands to dance and sing;
She breathes upon the fire of hope and love.

In wisdom does she will and work so well;
Her fire springs from winter’s hardest hell.


Love and Romance

Romance is a summer evening stroll
With love a comfort through the heat and cold.

Romance is a shooting star so bright
With love the shining moon in darkest night.

Romance is a gift of tender song
With love the voice that sings forever strong.

Romance is a flutter sweet to feel
With love a steady flight to good and real.

Romance is a kiss to start a fire
With love the burning flame of deep desire.

Romance is a momentary bliss
With love the key to lasting happiness.

Romance may be quick but just as sure
With love to hold its hand forevermore.

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Union Blessing

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This song with Celtic flavor is inspired by the Claddagh (see below) and Samhain, the Celtic New Year and beginning of Winter. We still celebrate this festival as Halloween on October 31.

I gave my friendship gratefully;
It blossomed as you cherished me.

And love came softly to my heart;
We blended from the very start.

My loyalty I promised you
In faithful trust and honest truth.

I thank our Lord and God above
For friendship, loyalty and love.

For only God could ever plan
The joining of our hearts and hands.

With Oneness brought to you and me,
We’re blessed beyond our sweetest dreams.

We live for all eternity
In friendship, love and loyalty.


Legend of the Claddagh

Wedding Prayer

Skeleton Song

O I got music in my bones,
Percussion at its best,
The creaks and snaps all keeping time
While popping plays the rest.

The sound of countless injuries
Creates a symphony,
And all this music in my bones
Has met its match with me!

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The Work of Love

You make me laugh and cry like no one can
With smiles and tears to end and start anew.
Your love does free and bind with tender hand
And break down walls to build me up with truth.
*Unfettered now, I hold on tight to you.
You carry me away to bring me home,
And in the dark, you light the winding road.

A Chaucerian stanza for Frank’s prompt at
Personally I don’t like the sound of 7 lines. Six or 8 feel better. I originally wrote this in 6, without the starred line, then realized it wasn’t true to form. The poem turned out well, but this one simple stanza took a long time to write!