Word of Song

In church we hear and share the Word,
And deep within our hearts, we sing!
We listen, stand and sit in turn;
In church we hear and share the Word,
Expectantly we wait as birds
Who after winter bless the spring.
In church we hear and share the Word,
And deep within our hearts, we sing!

A late-comer, this
is for Jilly’s “Repetitive Forms” prompt at
and shared for
OpenLinkNight #234.


Be of Good Cheer!

Shout for joy and the glory of Christ,
The Son He sent to give us life.
The Truth came down from Heav’n above,
A baby bringing peace and love
To bless each person everywhere
With hope, compassion, faith and care.
Be jubilant, inspired… CHEER!

An Advent-inspired Quadrille for De’s “cheer” prompt at

The Truth about Wedding Planning

It’s not about the people
Who come to eat your food.
It’s not about the spectacle
And planning every move.

It’s not about the music,
The timing and the notes.
It’s not about the speeches
Or the words the preacher wrote.

It’s not about the dresses
Or the flowers in your hand.
It’s all about the love
Between this woman and this man.

And thinking for one moment
That your love is any less
Could make the perfect wedding,
But the marriage cannot last.

So plan your wedding carefully,
But know right where you stand,
For when the wedding’s done,
It’s just this woman and this man.

Heartbeat Dance

Quick quick quick! I’m quicker than you!
For sweet slow and steady are waltzing you through,
While gentle and easy keep making you do
Your diligent double-check dancing on cue.
With rhythmic precision unmatched as you move,
You quicken my quickening heartbeat for you!

A “quick” Quadrille in response to De’s prompt at
For Freddy, and the first thing I’ve written since moving a few weeks ago.

Our Bless-ed Friendship

What a bless-ed friendship
The Lord has given us!
Ev’ry day I thank Him
For this gift from above.

We have understanding,
And something we both know
Is that, whatever happens,
We will always have love.

The Lord has given some gifts
That one can see and hear.
But friendship is a gift, too,
That we should all hold dear.

Thus, when you’re feeling lonely
And think that no one cares,
Remember our great friendship:
It will always be there.

From my only creative writing class ever, a high school English class I enjoyed very much. Thank you, Mrs. L.

Gather Ye Rosebuds

You gather my ghosts and get my goat.
You yank my chain and rock my boat.
You push my buttons, steal my heart,
You burst my bubble, make your mark.
The best I never bargained for,
I’d sell the farm to just be yours.

A little sarcastic and very true Quadrille for
If you have ever been in love, you’re nodding your head right about now. 🙂