Rouse yourself
From the sleep of the unaware,

Allow yourself
Day dreams of optimism,

Receive Your Self,
A once-in-a-lifetime blessing,
And whole!

Only you
Were meant to be…


My Quadrille for Merril’s “rise/arise” prompt at


The Quest of Care

The Quest of Care
Belongs to all upon Her lands.
The Quest of Care,
To hold the sacred Earth in prayer.
Just offer Her the best you can.
Your life upon this Earth demands
The quest of care.

This Earth Day poem is a


Earth Day Affirmations

Thank You, Mother Earth

Earth Blessing

Blessing of the Elements


And this post from my dVerse Poets friend, Lilian:
And the Earth Prays

Hallelujah! (And Easter Songs)

Hallelujah! Shout and sing,
For Christ is risen! Praise the King!

Hallelujah! We rejoice,
For He has given us a voice!

Hallelujah! Free your mind,
For when you seek Him, you will find!

Hallelujah! Sing and shout,
For Christ the Savior brought us out!

Hallelujah! We are free,
In Him for All Eternity!

Hallelujah! Christ alive,
So we can know Him here, inside!

Hallelujah! Shout and sing,
For Christ is risen! Praise the King!

A Mystical Strings Easter

Enjoy these songs at Easter or any other time!


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I Am the Life

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Power of His Love

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All Because of Love

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Pay it with Love

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Go the Distance

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Easter Eggs (A Woman’s Lament)

I asked my husband for dark chocolate eggs.
Milk chocolate speckled? Not a substitute.
The grocery store is out of what I love…

So few can understand dark chocolate love!
Not coconut or cream for Easter eggs.
My taste buds and my heart won’t substitute.

Though as a child, I took the substitute,
I won’t deny the treats I truly love.
Of all things out of stock, why now these eggs?

Yet Easter eggs can’t substitute for love!

This poem is another
and very true. 🙂

Good Friday Sestina

He bore the heavy cross despite the pain.
And did He trudge and stumble in the rain?
It took His earthly strength to stand the strain.
Though in His mind, did Christ the man complain?
‘Twas more than any human could sustain,
But by His love, he took our guilt and shame.

With stripes upon His back, He carried shame.
And did He think to wallow in the pain?
I can’t imagine all Christ did sustain!
O as He walked, did teardrops fall like rain?
His human mind, it may perhaps complain,
But by His love, Christ rose beyond the strain.

What fortitude it cost to bear the strain!
And who would take another’s sin and shame?
His destiny it was; did He complain?
O who for anyone could stand such pain!
The earth shook, and the sky began to rain,
But by His love, the Savior could sustain.

A living hell did Christ the King sustain!
And did He ever crumble from the strain?
Now every year the sky is filled with rain
To clear the air of sinners’ guilt and shame.
Was there a consolation in His pain?
Yet by His love, the Lord could not complain.

I’m sure that, in His place, I would complain,
And even faith I hardly could sustain.
I cannot fathom all His depth of pain!
Profoundly though, He took on every strain
And great despair, erasing people’s shame!
And by His love, compassion fell like rain!

Now each Good Friday, clouds release the rain,
And as His children, we cannot complain.
The King of Kings who took away the shame
Did go through more than we could e’er sustain.
Did Jesus, as a man, resent the strain?
As by His love, He washed away the pain.

As brothers shame is nothing to sustain!
When we complain, just think, He took our strain.
And by His love, the rain renews. No pain!

A Good Friday

Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter weekend!


Easter Day

I Am the Life

Power of His Love

Easter Poem

Love is Blind

This is just a small part of our love story, told as only Freddy can tell it. ❤ –C. G.

Love is Blind

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III

Love is blind,
But they don’t mind.

They take a chance,
Hope to get at least one dance.

She plans a trip;
He nearly flips!

They meet,
They greet.

She blows his mind,
Never in his lifetime met a woman so kind.

She comes back home;
His mind starts to roam…

Can’t get her out of his head.
The Lord has truly blessed this man named Fred.

She returns to Miami to help with his luggage and hold his hand.
A long train ride awaits them… Oh how grand!

The journey of a lifetime for these two lovebirds in life,
Hoping not to cause each other too much strife.

They trust one another, not knowing what’s ahead;
Only dreaming of getting off the train to a comfortable bed.

They ride and they ride, holding hands so tight;
Taking turns catching a nap, knowing the move they’re making has to be right.

After nearly a day and a half, they arrive in Their new home at last!
This part of the test so far they have passed.

As months go by, things still remain sweet.
So they make a date at the altar to meet.

March 15th was the date for sure.
Two people in love… Who could ask for anything more?

So when you find someone who makes your heart beat like a drum:
Never let them go, because true love has come!
–The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

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