Forever Love

Enjoy this
of love, and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I give you my heart and my hands
And crown it with all that I am.
God brought us together
To be one forever,
No longer just woman and man.


Union Blessing

Love Springs

My Greatest Gift



Fire! Fire! Fear and ire.
Flaming, flaming fuels desire.
Feeling, feeling fresh, inspired.
Fire! Fire! Force conspires.

Fight! Fight! Oh forget it.
Fleeing, fleeing… Might regret it.
Freeing, Freeing if you let it.
Fight! Fight! Come and get it.

Fire! Fire! Passion set it.

Quadrille in response to De’s “fire” prompt at


Ice and Fire (Sonnet)

House of Fire

Love the Broken Ones

Trick Candle

Birthday Blessing

For every hair upon your head,
As short as it may be,
I ask the Lord to bless you,
‘Cause you mean the world to me.

I love the smile on your face
and pray He lets it shine.
It shows the sweetness of your soul
And brings a smile to mine.

Your voice inspires hopefulness,
Reminding me of love.
The Lord give peace to you
And whisper wisdom from above.

The rhythm of your heartbeat
Is a miracle each day.
You keep the Spirit in this world
With every breath you take.

You take a path that’s all your own,
And no one can deny
You step in faith and walk with love,
For God is by your side.

For all the seeds of happiness
You’ve planted here on earth,
I pray they grow and bloom for you,
Because of all your worth;
And I ask the Lord to bless you
On this great day of your birth.


Happy Birth Day – Song

Happy Birthday!

Blessing of the Elements

May the Earth of the North ground you
And keep your body strong.
May the Water of the West flow through you
And ease your feelings and emotions.
May the Fire of the South transform you
And clear your mind of negativity.
May the Air of the East speak through you
And breathe life everywhere you go.
May God’s elements of Nature bless your world
As He holds you in His loving hands forever.


Music, Elemental

Two to One

Two ears that listen carefully,
Two arms that hold me close,
Two hands that offer strength to me,
Two hearts that beat with love.

Two lovers living far apart,
But distance can’t divide
The oneness of our unity
In body, soul and mind.

Now there’s one thing I understand;
It’s simple, sweet and true.
What’s making me a better one
Is being one with you.

Your humor and my thoughtfulness,
Your laughter and my tears,
Your love protects, and mine connects
To keep us through the years.

We lived alone; we lived apart
And somehow got along.
But God gave us His greatest gift
By turning two, to one.


Eternal Love

Beyond the Tine We Stay

Ice and Fire (Sonnet)

The water ever cold is freezing fast;
The ice is taking shape within my mind.
My moments flicker dim and slowly pass,
Engulfing all the warmth I cannot find.

But deep within my heart a fire burns;
I feel the ice inside commence to creek.
A tiny spark that starts a gentle churn,
And rippling strong my heart begins to beat.

I recognize the thawing of the Spring,
As nature gives the ice a knowing shove.
Now even winter stands to dance and sing;
She breathes upon the fire of hope and love.

In wisdom does she will and work so well;
Her fire springs from winter’s hardest hell.

Love and Romance

Romance is a summer evening stroll
With love a comfort through the heat and cold.

Romance is a shooting star so bright
With love the shining moon in darkest night.

Romance is a gift of tender song
With love the voice that sings forever strong.

Romance is a flutter sweet to feel
With love a steady flight to good and real.

Romance is a kiss to start a fire
With love the burning flame of deep desire.

Romance is a momentary bliss
With love the key to lasting happiness.

Romance may be quick but just as sure
With love to hold its hand forevermore.

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