Thank You for the Music #Poem #Song

Thank you for the music
and the instruments I play.
Thank you for the gentle tones
that help me through the day.
Thank you for creative flow
that shows me who I am.
Thank you for the Truth I know:
Because of You, I can!

Bless the flowing music
and the instruments I hold.
Bless the crew and builders,
and let their work unfold.
Bless all those who listen,
and let them be renewed.
In the loving flow of music,
Let us all hear one thing: You!

Power of a Song


Talk-o-matic #Poem #Song

Please don’t be a talk-o-matic,
Entering a place!
It’s really unattractive,
And it interrupts the pace.

Just pay some true attention
To listen and to note
What’s going on around you
Before you rock the boat.

‘Cause if you’re all a-chatter
Before you even hear,
That’s why the people scatter
And cover up their ears.

If you want them to listen,
You must offer them the same.
There’s more gold in the silence
Than the words we say in vain.

Please don’t be a talk-o-matic!
I’m not afraid to beg.
Self-centered, constant prattle
Sends good people on their way.

Sound or Silence Choice

Original Song