To Be Fit

To center myself through the day,
I let all the world fall away…
My whole consciousness
curls into itself,
disarming the furious fray.

Amazing well-being I find,
curls out of the Infinite Mind.
With sweetest success,
abundantly blessed,
from chaos to vision so kind!

stanzas here, this time in response to the first Quadrille of 2017. Björn’s prompt is “curl.” Try one of your own, and read responses over at

Fruit Salad

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Happy New Year to each one of you, your friends, family, loved ones, and every person you encounter!

Not all people are easy to get along with, but that’s part of the fruit salad of life! If nothing else, they help us appreciate those fruits–people, events, and situations–we prefer.

I don’t know what this year holds for me, much less for you. One thing I do know, life is a fruitful experience when we give thanks for every aspect, by the Power of the Universe working through us!

Fruit Salad – Lyrics

Interestingly enough, the refrain and each verse is a
creating a song with a light, but important message.

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar
(capo 3)

O life is a salad of fruit
With cherries and lemons to boot.
The sour is sad,
The bitter is bad,
So in every blessing, salute!

1. Mango and pineapple sing.
Oranges and strawberries ring.
The blueberries burst
With flavor at first,
The sweetness a marvelous thing!

2. Lemons and limes are sublime
And better off one at a time.
They burst with a bang
Of terrible tang,
The power to cleanse is divine!

3. Bananas and apples and grapes,
The fruits that most people will take.
But bursting and blessed
Are all of the rest.
So open on up and partake!
Refrain: (Twice)

‘Cause life is a salad of fruit!

Shared for Franks Limericks prompt at

Micropoetry 1

As part of the Fifth Anniversary celebration at
we’re asked to write micropoems, very short works wrapped up in Twitter’s 140 character limit. Each of the poems below stands alone; they are not stanzas to be read as one poem. Only the first is new; I’ve tweeted the others before, but they are all original.

Old thoughts
In new packaging
The cycle of life unfurls!

But… I couldn’t just write one new tiny piece, so I got to wondering if a
would fit within the character limit! The linked ones don’t (at least, I didn’t check them), but this one…

The Limerick is too long to fit,
But I got the guts and the grit.
O I’ll make it work
And my duty not sherk!
Defeat so complete? Not a bit!

(That’s 139 characters, count ’em!)

Now for those I wrote on Twitter itself, so I know they work:

God is great,
God is good,
Let us thank Himn as we should!

When I feel lost,
I find myself again
Where I have always been
Deep within.

Once unrestrained
Then I thought.
Now I think restrained about covers it.

Cunning gets
What it wants
Only through a narrow lens.

Worry grows.
Nothing goes.
Love knows.

It’s time to remember
The nature of my soul –
A throwback to who I really am.

Lipservice says
The best things in life are free.
Living shows
Avoidance in the worst way!

From lead to gold,
Ice to steam,
Fear to Love –

Armed with sword and shield
I march into the battle
Still unprotected.

O to live
In the realization
Of the Beautiful Mind
Within me!

Surrender your life
Don’t waste your mind
Know your right that is Divine!


Blank pages appear
Because we don’t know
The whole story.
SO may we read on!

I remember:
We are One.
Do you?

The sun shines my heart
The moon lights my mind
And living waters quench my thirsty soul.

I sacrificed myself
On a pyre of memories.
The hero is my soul that wouldn’t die!

Too much of a good thing
Is nonetheless the same extreme
As too little of what we need.
So moderation is the key.

Qualifying haiku here.

I like these little gems and will write more–thus the 1 here. 🙂


There is power in ev-e-ry word,
Or at least, that is what I have heard.
But believe it or not,
Those who told me forgot!
And the speeches they preach are absurd!

Written for
though I’m not sure it qualifies. The meter is fun, like all
and a nice break from my usual, more serious meter and subjects!

Of Mankind, Marketing, and Mischief

The continued collection of spiritually oriented
Limericks. 🙂

There was once a young man of Bel Air
Who saw no one to love and to care.
But he found out all right
In the darkest of night
What he asked for was given in prayer.

“If you follow our plan to the letter,
You’ll become a rich, happy go-getter!”
This is really a trap
Set to market more lack;
For you God has a plan that is better!

There was once a young girl of a creed
Who was happily stringing some beads
In a circle they wound
And so came back around
To her home where she’d sown every deed.

We do not boil water to freeze
Or plant carrots and hope to grow peas.
How much worse for the soul
When we “take all control”
And expect God to follow our lead!

Mental Attitude: In Limericks

Short forms, sometimes called micropoetry, can serve as reminders of right thinking and more than that, of the reality that we are spiritual beings first and foremost. And little poems are fun! 🙂

O the feeling of having no luck
And of being run down by a truck!
But there is a way thru
What to think and to do
Is decide that you’ll put on some pluck!

There’s a time and a place for the rules
And a purpose for those we call fools.
There’s a cage for the stressed
And a stage for the blessed.
Is it bars or the stars that you choose?

All the creatures are God’s, even mice,
And the people you don’t think are nice.
Speak and act with his grace
When you’re feeling distaste:
What you give, you get back at least twice!

For more mystical Limericks,
Click here.

Truth in Humor

Three more Limericks,
because humor often contains truth!

O just look at the glorious sky
Streaming beauty that money can’t buy!
We are not here to trade
Any gift God has made,
But to praise him for all he supplies!

There was a young someone from Mars
Who came to Earth looking for stars
First you and then me
And with each person seen
The creature proclaimed, “Here they are!”

Bless’d Spirit of things metaphysical!
And the mind with its limits, so quizical!
Now the spiritual gift
To the mind is a lift
And the breaking of chains analizical!

3 Lucky Limericks

Whether this particular form of poetry is Irish or not, here are 3 that bring the often uncouth, naughty Limerick to another level. And why not? The rhythm and rhyme are irresistible, so we may as well use them for good!

There was a young girl named Mercedes
Who lived on the river Euphrates.
When she started to think
She created a stink,
And the clay of her mind became Hades!

There was once a young lady so “nice”
That she took everybody’s advice
Till the effort to please
Brought her soul to its knees
And she chose all its flavor and spice!

You are where you are and that’s that.
And wherever you go that’s a fact.
You are here by design
In this place at this time
So don’t wait! Just be great where you’re at!