Stars of Night

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar
(Capo 3)

1. The brilliant stars across the sky
Have shone since ancient days
To wish, protect, and to direct
And light the path we take.

2. Their tender tales and story-songs
Reflect the depths of time
And help to show the lives that flow
Within Eternal Mind.

3. For we are stars of ancient days
That travel through the sky
And shimmer long as we go on
The Spirit’s path of life.

O may we

Shine, shine, o stars of night,
Sparks of God’s wondrous Light,
And Love that wakes the inner Sight!
O [ending: We] shine, shine, o stars of night!

The Music Inside

This poem is based on my experiences writing songs on ukulele. But it applies to all of life! Things tend to go better when we let the Universe or God micromanage them, rather than trying to go it “alone.”

4 strings and a bundle of nerves
2 hands and a couple of curves
fingers flying and taking a swerve
All for the music inside!

3 chords and the timing is wrong
Strumming, picking, is that a song?
Play it, sing it, move along
All for the music inside!

4 strings and a barrel of fun
Worry and hurry are over and done
The singing and playing in Spirit is One
All for the music inside!

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Instrument: Caera – Mahogany
Tenor Ukulele in CGDA Tuning

1. Our heart is the center of body and mind,
A chapel where seeking becomes what we find,
The altar connecting the earth and the sky
As One, as One.

2. Our heart is the Light of a being so fair,
A chapel of healing, of comfort and care,
The altar to worship the Lifeforce we share
As One, as One.

3. Our heart is the home of the Spirit that breathes,
A chapel of wisdom we enter in peace,
The altar where burdens are gently released
As One, as One.

4. Our heart is the rhythm of all that we are,
A chapel of Love and the music of stars,
The altar of harmony sung in its parts
As One, as One, as One, as One.

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Heartsong Mp3.

Eternal Love

Lyrics based on 1 Corinthians 13 and meditation.

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. I thought I knew so many things when I was young,
But knew in part and understood just pieces of the One.
Yet the Love that brought us here in Spirit always will remain,
The greatest gift of ages that will never fail or change.

2. I see a dim reflection of a perfect place,
A veil over a mirror, but in Heaven face to face.
And as time is moving onward and the bless’ed Kingdom comes,
We feel the purest Presence of eternity in Love.

3. Without it we are nothing by ourselves alone.
In God we can discern the Truth and know as we are known.
Everything we see will all be gone, but there’s no need to fear.
The Love of our Creator is embracing us right here.
Refrain: (Twice)

God’s Love within our Spirit is the Light that never fades.

And may Love keep playing on the strings of our hearts,
Because Its sweet vibration is the ending and the start.
And even though the world we know will someday pass away,
The Love within our Spirit is the Light that never fades.


Also published in Seasons of the Moon, Volume 13 Issue 3 Beltane 2016

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

Refrain 1:
Dance, get up and dance!
Move your body joyfully and prance!
Feel your body lighten and your mind freed at last
As you dance, get up and dance!

1. Move and sway in crescent moon shapes,
Figure-eights, and circles too.
Back and forth and side to side,
Harmony surrounding you.
Refrain 1:

2. Lift your arms in joy and blessing,
Offer up your voice to speak.
Spread your hands and raise your power.
What you’ve given, you receive.

Refrain 2:
Dance, come on and dance!
Move your body joyfully and prance!
Feel your spirit open and your energy enhance
As you dance, come on and dance!

3. Stomp your feet with good intentions
Manifest, so mote it be.
You are love and light and laughter.
In yourself is all you seek.
Refrain 1 & 2:

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