Summer Solstice #Decima #Poem #Writephoto

Download “Summer Solstice” Mp3

This Solstice day we make a wish
The Sun within to shine without
To manifest and voice aloud
Desires, goals we seek and fish.
Our open hearts and hands, a dish
Accepting blessings’ filling flow.
Regardless of the winds that blow,
Still, deep within remains the Light,
Through Solstice day and darkest night:
Our Life, Creator, Pow’r of Love!

Written for
KL Caley’s #Writephoto Prompt, The Fisherman
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 62: (BLOW) in the C rhyme line.

Recorded with set of 4 Koshi chimes, Zaphir Sunray/Summer chime, and Egg of Creation shaker.

In the Fairy Meadow #Meditation #Poem

Download “In the Fairy Meadow” Mp3

Here in the meadow find a tree;
Absorb its calming energy.
‘Tis where the fairies dance and play,
And this could be your lucky day!

Against the tree you rest your back,
Releasing everything you lack.
In balance now from crown to root,
You just might hear a fairy flute!

Emotions buried out of sight,
You let them fly into the Light.
The sun and flowers clear your mind
And show you what you came to find.

You sit and wait in harmony;
You listen, listen carefully.
You softly, softly hear the sound
Of fairies dancing all around!

They bring a message just for you,
And in your heart, you know it’s true.
You take with you the fairy song
To give you hope and keep you strong.

You thank the firm and faithful tree
For offering its harmony.
From trees and fairies you have learned;
It’s time now for your safe return.

Each dawning brings another day
To hear the fairies dance and play!
The gentle magic they impart,
You carry with you – in your heart!

Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt, Meadow:

Recorded with intro/ending on Zaphir Sunray/Summer chime and Native-American deerskin drum. Within the meditation are Susato Oriole Pentacorder flute, Harmony Ball musical pendant, and the following shakers from
Earnest Efforts Etsy Shop
Large bamboo and redwood Harmony Rattle
Pear branch Little Spirit Shaker
Magnolia wood Spirit Shaker
Oregon myrtlewood triangular shaker

this post is not sponsored. I purchased these instruments personally, and I really enjoy them!

Mingling Moonlit Thoughts #Poem #Meditation

Download “Mingling Moonlit Thoughts” Mp3

Your day is done. It’s time to rest
And heal from any pain or stress.
While all the positive you keep,
Let go of negativity.

Those thoughts that prey upon your mind…
It’s time to leave them all behind.
Release each one like a balloon—
Away! To mingle with the Moon!

Her Light is bright and peaceful too,
Transforming thoughts… Transforming you!
So welcome Her within to shine
And free you from the thoughts that bind.

Tomorrow is another day;
Tonight you dream and sail away…
Go anywhere you wish and more;
You are the key… You are the door!

When you awake from deepest rest,
You feel renewed to do your best.
Embrace your sleep that plays a part,
And keep your dreaming near your heart!

Your dreams fly higher than balloons
To mingle with the Earth and Moon.
They heal you, even as you sleep,
And help your purpose fast to keep.

From healing night to helping day,
Allow your thoughts to sail away…

Written for Eugi’s mingle prompt and recorded with Zaphir Blue Moon/Winter chime.

The Magic Circle #Poem #Meditation

Download “The Magic Circle” Mp3

I ground and ground and circle round.
On Mother Earth I’m safe and sound.
What felt so lost, within is found.
I ground and ground and circle round.

I feel the Water, water well.
Emotions difficult dispelled,
A better story now to tell.
I feel the Water, water well.

I know the flaming Fire’s flame.
A transformation, not the same,
Destroying every fear and shame.
I know the flaming Fire’s flame.

The Air is fresh, refreshing mind,
And I am free, no more confined.
I work with Nature’s great design.
The Air is fresh, refreshing mind.

And Spirit makes my spirit soar!
Of Its foundation I am sure.
It manifests my Good and more,
For Spirit makes my spirit soar!

I ground and ground and circle round.
On Mother Earth I’m safe and sound.
What felt so lost, within is found.
I ground and ground and circle round.

Written for
Eugi’s Causerie Weekly Prompt – Magic

Recorded with Koshi Chimes and various shakers:
Earth: Terra chime and Rhythm Rock shaker
Water: Aqua chime and cowrie shell shaker
Fire: Ignis chime and Oregon myrtlewood triangular shaker
Air: Aria chime and pear branch Little Spirit shaker
Spirit: Harmony Ball Pendant and Egg of Creation (emu egg) shaker

Welsh Lullabies #Music

Download “Welsh Lullabies” Mp3

Length: About 7 minutes

Here are 2 Welsh lullabies that were part of my Double Strung Experiment series. Click the title links below to hear the lyre-and-zither versions:
All Through the Night
Suo Gan

Today I play the lullabies on Coda EDC Flute and double strung harp. The recording begins and ends with my Egg of Creation shaker, a natural, dried and painted emu egg filled with glass beads. However, I don’t think this recording does the shaker justice–the sound is very soft, calming, and beautiful. It’s also great for offering pain relief through sound healing. In addition, 2 Harmony Ball Earth Spheres play near the end of the lullabies.

I hope you find this meditative, relaxing, and peaceful!

Music, Elemental #Music #Poem

Download “Music, Elemental” Mp3

I wrote this
7 years ago to the day, on May 17, 2014. I didn’t realize that until just now!

This reading is with Koshi chimes. These are beautiful handmade chimes from France that correspond to the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. They can be used as windchimes, but they are not made with tubes of various lengths suspended from their own cords.

Instead, there is one resonance cylinder, slightly larger than a soda can. There is a cord welded into the top to hold or hang the chime. Then, inside are small, round metal bars of different lengths that create the 8 notes of each tuning.

There is a clapper–I don’t know what else to call it–that hangs freely in the middle of the tube. This is what plays the notes as you move the chime. It’s a really interesting design!

These chimes are lovely to simply listen to, but also great for meditation or, in this case, reading poetry.

I play the chimes in the following order, according to the lines/mood of the poem:
Terra (Earth)
Aqua (Water)
Ignis (Fire)
Aria (Air)
Ignis (Fire)
Aria (Air)
Aqua (Water)
Ignis (Fire)

I really enjoy the Koshi Chimes and hope you enjoy this reading!

“Little Boat” #Meditation #Music

Download “Little Boat” Double Strung Harp Meditation Mp3

Length: About 5 minutes

Today we revisit “Little Boat,” a song I wrote last year and tested with lyre and zither together. You can find that mp3 and a link to the lyrics

This version is a longer, more meditative instrumental on double strung harp. But with a twist. You also hear both chambers of the Coda EDC Flute, a cowrie shell shaker, and the Koshi Aqua (water) chime.

In replaying the pieces from my lyre-and-zither Double Strung Experiment series, I wanted to showcase the true double strung harp without boring you. So, I added a few other instruments.

I hope you enjoy this arrangement! I think it turned out pretty well, myself! Please share any comments, questions, or other feedback you may have, even simply whether you liked or disliked the piece! Thanks for listening!

“Heartsong” #Music

Download “Heartsong” Double Strung Harp Mp3

Happy Mother’s Day to those who are mothers and those who have one! ❤

I wrote “Heartsong” in 2016. You can find the ukulele version with lyrics

Today I play it as a comforting, relaxing piece on double strung harp. I hope you enjoy it, and have a blessed Mother’s Day!

Grounded #Decima #Poem

Play or download this poem with musical accompaniment.

Download “Grounded” Mp3

A time for rest it’s time to take,
To ground in oneness with the ground.
Connections reconnected, found.
Awaken now, and be awake!

Meet all your needs for meeting’s sake,
And listen with a listening ear
To heart-felt breath and heartbeat clear.
Be mindful of your Mind inside,
The thinking thoughts that make your life;
With inner wisdom, wisely hear.

A musical Decima written for
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 55: (GROUND) in the B rhyme line.

The instruments are double strung harp, Rhythm Rock shaker, and alto recorder.

“The Secret in the Stone” #Writephoto #Meditation

Download “The Secret in the Stone” Meditation with Double Strung Harp Mp3

Approximate length: 5 minutes

Come! Enter the realm of mystery,
Where Truth is revealed to those who seek,
Perhaps not with eyes, but through sensing and feel;
It’s the wisdom to know your important and real.

Where you’ll surely be given that for which you ask
Toward fulfilling your purpose and passing life’s tasks.
Take a look at the stone, in this place, in your mind,
And uncover the message your Spirit can find.

Do not worry or fret; it is written for you!
There’s no wrong way to hear it, whatever you do.
You might read it or sense it or feel in your heart
Gentle words of the Spirit in music or art.

It may come in the quiet, in dreams, or in sound.
But however, whenever, your message is found!
You will feel when you’ve got it, your life’s cornerstone.
It will help guide your path, knowing you’re not alone.

For the stone that you see here is only a sign
Of the worlds you can enter and brilliance you find
In your own heart and spirit, your mind, and your soul.
For within you are perfect! You’re wise, and you’re whole!

The secret in stone is a secret no more!
Your Truth is revealed; it is clear and so pure!
Now return to your journey of purpose and path;
You can seek any moment for answers–just ask!

Written for KL Caley’s wonderful #Writephoto Prompt, The Secret in the Stone: