Raining Change

It doesn’t really matter what I think about the past,
Or if my thoughts and words and actions hurt me looking back.

For only with a downpour, not a shower or a drizzle,
Can the tears within my heart bring on a change more than a little.

‘Cause the past is done and over, and the present is right now.
All the healing that I’m seeking, I can find by asking how.

When I’m living by the answer, it’s real changes that will last,
So the only thing that matters is to let the past be past!

My response to today’s
#RDP #Ragtag Daily Prompt, #Drizzle.


Balm #RDP #Ragtag Daily Prompt

Life is stressful, we all know.
Mine’s no different, winds that blow
Come bursting out of skies of gray
And blow debris every which way.

I try and try to keep my head
From spinning, spinning full of dread…
The stress keeps me from keeping peace,
But love’s a precious balm to me.

It makes me think and cry in pain,
But never ever ends the same.
For love that changes everything
In healing hands is holding me.

I must remember as I go
Through life so fast and winds that blow,
That all is well and all is sure
In love that heals forevermore.

My response to today’s
#Ragtag Daily Prompt #RDP #Balm

Rivers of Song

I have written songs,
Unrelated to each other
Yet related to me
And relationships I have,
Have had,
Or would like to have.

Love the Broken Ones

Salty Tears

Soul Reflection

Every song
Is a river –
Or longed for.

Cry me a river?
No, I cry my own
In song.

And I feel
For the cry.

And the river of my life
Flows onward!

My response to Amaya’s prompt, “Cry Me a River,” at

Reflection on Sea

The sea reflects our brilliant sun
Until another day is done.

It carries me so wide and far,
A sailor following the stars.

I take a journey in my mind;
*I ask, I seek, I knock – and find.

The voyage ends and waters part
With sun reflecting in my heart.

*“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.
–Matthew 7:7-8 (NKJV)

My response to Sue Vincent’s
#writephoto Prompt: Yearning.

Sue, thank you for describing the image! 🙂


Song of the Sea

Soul Reflection

Walking Tour

Walking to the street car
Trudging through the snow
Ambling to the coffee shop
Finding warmth aglow…

Flying first on airplane
Rumbling on a train
Taking trips at one time
I would never take again…

Walking through the storefronts
Trudging through the snow
Ambling through a foreign land
Finding what I know!

Memories of my trips to Germany, with thanks to Petra for doing all that walking with me! Written for Anmol’s prompt at


As in and out the seasons flow
And days go by, some fast, some slow,
With things I can or cannot bear;
Through change, unchanging love we share.

By day I wake, by night I sleep
(Or not) and then a vigil keep.
I know both hope and deep despair;
Through change, unchanging love we share.

The path is lit; the way is dark.
The slightest rustle leaves a mark.
I walk through fog and clearest air;
Through change, unchanging love we share.

As in and out the seasons flow,
Through change, unchanging love we share.

This poem is a
Kyrielle Sonnet.

Good Wood

I am wood,
balanced between
earth and sky.

I am turquoise,
green and blue, earth and water

I am wood,
grown, cut down, fashioned, burned,
changed by my own life path.

I am Spring,
even when I don’t feel the sun

I am wood,
creating fire,
destroying and transforming.

I am mi,
not the root but still essential
to the musical scale.

I am wood,
balanced between
earth and sky.

My response to Amaya’s beautiful and thought-provoking “In my Element” prompt at
with some help from
Utah Symphony!