Fresh Air #Flute #Improv #Poem

Fresh, green Air and yellow Fire
Combining to fulfill desire!

Let the Air take pain away,
Replaced with Fire’s gentle rays.

Take a breath and be transformed
To more than you have been before!

Within your belly Fire’s flame
Is burning for your special aim.

The Air that keeps your thoughts inspired
Is fanning flames of true desire.

O let the Fire and Air renew
The purpose Spirit has for you!

Become transformed and stay inspired
In harmony with Air and Fire!

Click the Play button below to listen to this improvisation.

Download “Fresh Air Improv” Mp3

Air: Koshi Aria chime and Spirit Flute 432HZ Mid A Minor
Fire: Koshi Ignis chime and ukulele

Walking #FluteHaiku #Poem

Left right left right left
Stepping into Nature’s Way
Rhythm of your heart

Flute: Spirit Flute 432HZ Bass in E Minor
+ Deerskin Frame Drum

Click the Play button below to listen.

Self-blessing #Music #Poem

Download “Self-blessing” Flute Mp3

I wrote “Self-blessing” in August, 2015. You can listen to and download the vocal version

Today I play it as a meditation on the Spirit Flute 432HZ Bass in E Minor, made by High Spirits Flutes. I hope you enjoy it!

Chimes for #Relaxation #Download

Download “Relaxation Chimes” Mp3

Length: About 20 minutes

No explanation, no poem, just all 4 Koshi and 5 Zaphir Chimes for your relaxation and enjoyment! I thought if I needed this, someone else may be needing it, too!

You can play the file here or download it for later, which I hope you do. Also feel free to share!

Dusk #Music #Meditation

Download “Dusk” Mp3

I wrote this instrumental piece on alto recorder, disguising itself as a Native-American style flute. I.e. playing only the A minor pentatonic scale. If you have no idea what that means, please feel free to ignore it! 🙂

Said recorder is accompanied by ukulele, bamboo/smokebush Harmony Rattle, and Egg of Creation shaker. The intro and ending are Zaphir Sunray/Summer and Koshi Aria/Air chimes.

I hope you enjoy this contemplative evening meditation!

If you haven’t heard it yet, you might like
Network of Stars,
which also features alto recorder played like a Native-American style flute.

Unforgotten Source #Haiku #Poem

Download “Unforgotten Source” Mp3

Rocks and sand and soil
Northern element of Earth
Safe and sound in peace

Safe and sound in peace
Western Water’s changing tides
Cleansing, quenching thirst

Cleansing, quenching thirst
Burning flame of southern Fire
Shedding old for new

Shedding old for new
Eastern Air refreshes, cools
Lifting us in flight

Lifting us in flight
Spirit at our center speaks
Unforgotten Source

A Haiku chain written for
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Unforgotten.

Recorded with the following instruments:
Earth: Koshi Terra chime and bamboo/redwood Harmony Rattle
Water: Koshi Aqua chime and cowrie shell shaker
Fire: Koshi Ignis chime and bamboo/smokebush Harmony Rattle
Air: Koshi Aria chime and maple rattle
Spirit: Zaphir Sufi chime and Egg of Creation shaker

Network of Stars #Tanka #Poem #Meditation

Download “Network of Stars” Mp3
Length: About 5 1/2 minutes

Huge network of stars!
And to think each single one
Is a brilliant spark!
We are sparks too–deep inside…
How does yours glimmer and shine?

A Tanka and instrumental piece written for
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Network.

Recorded with double strung harp, Harmony Ball Earth Sphere, Egg of Creation shaker, and alto recorder played like a Native-American style flute. 🙂

The Green Man #Decima #Poem

Download “The Green Man” Mp3

The good Green Man is in the trees:
Magnolia, walnut, myrtle, pear.
His vibrant happiness is there
For all of us who choose to see.
No matter what the season brings,
Connect with nature. Be inspired!
Relax in peace when feeling tired.
Removed from busy, rushing zip,
Find something good, and take a sip,
As Green Man kindles new desire!

Written for the following prompts:
#Writephoto – Tree Man
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 63: (ZIP) in the D rhyme line.
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt June 24, Happiness
#SixSentenceStories: Season

Recorded with Koshi Aria/Air chime and shakers: Magnolia Spirit Shaker, walnut Rhythm Rock, Myrtlewood triangular shaker, and Pear Branch Little Spirit shaker.

Summer Solstice #Decima #Poem #Writephoto

Download “Summer Solstice” Mp3

This Solstice day we make a wish
The Sun within to shine without
To manifest and voice aloud
Desires, goals we seek and fish.
Our open hearts and hands, a dish
Accepting blessings’ filling flow.
Regardless of the winds that blow,
Still, deep within remains the Light,
Through Solstice day and darkest night:
Our Life, Creator, Pow’r of Love!

Written for
KL Caley’s #Writephoto Prompt, The Fisherman
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 62: (BLOW) in the C rhyme line.

Recorded with set of 4 Koshi chimes, Zaphir Sunray/Summer chime, and Egg of Creation shaker.

In the Fairy Meadow #Meditation #Poem

Download “In the Fairy Meadow” Mp3

Here in the meadow find a tree;
Absorb its calming energy.
‘Tis where the fairies dance and play,
And this could be your lucky day!

Against the tree you rest your back,
Releasing everything you lack.
In balance now from crown to root,
You just might hear a fairy flute!

Emotions buried out of sight,
You let them fly into the Light.
The sun and flowers clear your mind
And show you what you came to find.

You sit and wait in harmony;
You listen, listen carefully.
You softly, softly hear the sound
Of fairies dancing all around!

They bring a message just for you,
And in your heart, you know it’s true.
You take with you the fairy song
To give you hope and keep you strong.

You thank the firm and faithful tree
For offering its harmony.
From trees and fairies you have learned;
It’s time now for your safe return.

Each dawning brings another day
To hear the fairies dance and play!
The gentle magic they impart,
You carry with you – in your heart!

Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt, Meadow:

Recorded with intro/ending on Zaphir Sunray/Summer chime and Native-American deerskin drum. Within the meditation are Susato Oriole Pentacorder flute, Harmony Ball musical pendant, and the following shakers from
Earnest Efforts Etsy Shop
Large bamboo and redwood Harmony Rattle
Pear branch Little Spirit Shaker
Magnolia wood Spirit Shaker
Oregon myrtlewood triangular shaker

this post is not sponsored. I purchased these instruments personally, and I really enjoy them!