When Someone Calls You Sunshine

When someone calls you sunshine,
You might be thinking twice,
That even though it can’t be you,
It’s sounding pretty nice.

When someone calls you sunshine,
You ask more carefully
And wonder if perhaps they know
The blessing you could be.

When someone calls you sunshine,
It lights your very soul,
Where you can see the truth so clear
That God has made you whole.

When someone calls you sunshine,
It nestles in your heart,
Where you can feel the sweet embrace
Of every hopeful part.

When someone calls you sunshine,
It changes how you feel.
You radiate a smile so bright,
An inner warmth that’s real.

When someone calls you sunshine,
Accept this precious gift,
The chance to better learn and live
The Holy Spirit’s bliss!


When Teardrops Fall

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This song is for everyone experiencing grief, anger, pain, depression, or turmoil of any kind. My thoughts, support, and prayers are with you, that you find peace and strength even in the midst of adversity. For confidential, one-on-one spiritual support,
click here to send your prayer request.

When teardrops fall,
May they open our eyes
To see that peace and understanding flourish in our lives.
When teardrops fall,
May they water well
And make our hearts a garden where the Spirit blooms and dwells.

1. We can sow seeds of goodness
Or plant a world of hate.
And even in despair and asking why,
We still can pray.

2. We have so many feelings
Of anger, hurt and grief.
But we can ask the Lord to show
Which feelings are the weeds.

3. For we all tend a garden
Of heart and soul and mind.
And what we plant today
Will be the fruit at harvest time.

Lord, make our hearts a garden where Your Spirit blooms and dwells
When teardrops fall.


Salty Tears


Spirit Bright

Come Unto Me

Leave Them Where You Left Them

Father Unchanging

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(Capo 2)

1. The ocean is a wondrous thing.
It flows in Summer, Fall, and Spring.
In Winter there is ice to see,
But heat and salt work faithfully
To keep deep waters flowing free.
God doesn’t let His ocean freeze.

2. The earth is an amazing place,
Supporting life through time and space.
The seasons come and creatures flee
To find the home and food they need.
Some hybernate or dig for heat,
‘Cause God doesn’t let His creatures freeze.

3. The Spirit is a raging fire
He fuels so we may feel desire.
We walk through darkness, cold and deep,
But Christ our Savior never sleeps.
And if we tend His Light, we’ll see,
God doesn’t let our Spirit freeze.

Father unchanging, You abide.

Father unchanging, changing life.
Turning and churning, dark and light.
Giving and taking, You provide.
Holding and molding, , be my guide.
Father unchanging, You abide.


Ice and Fire

Changed (Because of You)

My Forever

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You are my forever and my eternity.

1. I used to live alone,
But now I know the truth.
Even when I’m by myself,
I have a friend in you.

2. I held this heavy world
Upon my shoulders small.
But now you bear the load
And walk beside me through it all.

3. The evidence of love
Is not how much we say.
It’s offering our heart and hands
To give support and strength.

O you are my forever and my eternity.

[‘Cause] you are my forever and my eternity.
You lift me from despair and make me all that I can be.
You love my body, mind and soul. With you I am complete,
‘Cause you are my forever and my eternity.

Lights My Way to You

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Welcome to this Advent season! This song is about the mystical star that lights our path from within, each and every day.

1. The dark of night surrounded me.
No dawn would come to set me free
Until my Spirit found the key
That lights my way to you.

2. A soul in torment, stress and pain
Can find the strength to love again.
For burning brightly is a flame
That lights my way to you.

3. For every person everywhere,
There’s love enough in Christ who cares.
He lived and died, our cross to bear
And lights my way to you.

God lights my way to you.

A blazing star that shows the way,
It makes the night as bright as day.
It puts the pathway on display
And lights my way to you.
It lights my way to you.



Love and Romance

Romance is a summer evening stroll
With love a comfort through the heat and cold.

Romance is a shooting star so bright
With love the shining moon in darkest night.

Romance is a gift of tender song
With love the voice that sings forever strong.

Romance is a flutter sweet to feel
With love a steady flight to good and real.

Romance is a kiss to start a fire
With love the burning flame of deep desire.

Romance is a momentary bliss
With love the key to lasting happiness.

Romance may be quick but just as sure
With love to hold its hand forevermore.

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Give back to You

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Behind the Song

For the past 7 weeks, I’ve been suffering after a muscular injury. I pulled my right arm so much that it still affects my back, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, and especially the fingers on that side. In fact, this is the first week I’ve been able to type more than a few words at a time. My faith, patience, and ability to do simple things have been tested beyond what I thought I could handle. And for a few weeks, I seriously questioned whether I would ever play an instrument or write a song again.

I have written 3 songs since this happened, when I usually write at least one every week. Recording and posting them was delayed, but at that point, rather delayed than not at all. Those songs are
Centered in the Storm,
Love You Like He Does,
and this one, which is truly a testomony and praise song for me. As the song says, “I am not my own.” I belong to the Lord of All, who has plans for us that we often don’t understand, and sometimes do not enjoy. 🙂

However, earlier in the year, during Lent, I wrote extra songs. This is also unusual. I’ve posted some of those in the past few weeks:
Think of Me,
It Took You,
Virtuous Woman.

Until now, extra songs have been just that–extra. I was glad to have them, but they didn’t count toward my weekly commitment to write one new song. I.e. extra ones don’t mean I’m off the hook and don’t have to write one next week. 🙂 But the Lord knew more than I did, of course. I believe He gave me those songs to fulfill my commitment to music, even when I couldn’t play.

I’m sure my explanation falls short… But I pray you can understand the divine plan, the hope, love, faith, and healing in this experience. And I pray it helps someone else. I couldn’t share this song without sharing the experience, so may it be an encouragement to you!

Pray with Me

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your everlasting love. Thank you for your presence that is everywhere all at once. In everything I experience, you are there. Nothing happens without your consent, and I am never alone. Thank you for bringing me through this and showing me again what an awesome, wonderful God you are.

I pray that all those going through hard times today and any day, may know your strength and peace that passes all human understanding. I pray you give them comfort during hardship, faith through uncertainty, and love even during loss.

My heart fills with gratitude for those who show us your love, support, and encouragement each day. Thank you for Freddy, who has been strong when I couldn’t be, prayed without ceasing, and shown me your light when I could only find darkness. I pray you send such a spiritual support and inspiration to everyone going through a difficult time. Darkness cannot last forever, and you always send us light when we need it most. For this and each breath you give me to praise you, I am truly grateful.

Bless all your children, dear Lord, and may each one realize we are truly safe in your care. May your will be done in every life, so that we may give you all glory and praise.

In your service, through Christ I pray.


Give back to You – Lyrics

1. You gave me my hands
To do your will
And the talents I have,
Your purpose to fulfill.
So when I cannot work,
When I’m feeling hurt,
I brush off the dirt,
Remember their worth,
And I give my hands back to you.

2. You gave me my heart
To sing your song
And the love that I have
To pass along.
So when I hear no sound,
When I’m feeling down,
My heart is found
In your love that knows no bounds,
And I give my heart back to you.

3. You gave me my mind
To think of you
And the knowledge I have
To share your truth.
So when I cannot see,
When I’ve lost the dream,
I reach deep in me,
Where you never leave,
And I give my mind back to you.

Lord, I give my hands,
My heart and my mind back to you.

For I am not my own.
I am yours to shape and mold,
To have and to hold,
It is true.
You are my strength,
And I give my thanks,
And my hands, my heart,
And my mind all back to you.


You Bring Me Back

The Father’s Child

The Work He Performs in Me

Changed (Because of You)