Grounded #Decima #Poem

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A time for rest it’s time to take,
To ground in oneness with the ground.
Connections reconnected, found.
Awaken now, and be awake!

Meet all your needs for meeting’s sake,
And listen with a listening ear
To heart-felt breath and heartbeat clear.
Be mindful of your Mind inside,
The thinking thoughts that make your life;
With inner wisdom, wisely hear.

A musical Decima written for
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 55: (GROUND) in the B rhyme line.

The instruments are double strung harp, Rhythm Rock shaker, and alto recorder.

Resurrection #Decima #Poem

The earth again awakes to thrive,
For Winter’s frozen chill is gone.
As constant cycles move along,
With every breath we’re more alive!
Awakening with stirring life,
O may our minds renew as well!
Discarding limits, hatred, hell!
Though Heaven is no place on earth,
Within us from before our birth
Is Spirit’s resurrecting spell!