“At the Cross” #Music

Download “At the Cross” Mp3

This hymn was written by Isaac Watts (1674 – 1748). It was first published in 1707 and is still popular today, especially for evangelism.

I hope you enjoy this arrangement, played on viola and alto recorder, with ukulele accompaniment!

Reflections #Tanka #Poem

Spider spinning gauze
Delicate, strong looking glass
Reflecting our hope.
Pilgrims progress faithfully
Through incense of illusion.

Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt, Reflections:

and Linda Kruschke’s Metonymy and Paint Chips Prompt. I chose gauze/spider web, Plymouth Rock/pilgrims, and sagebrush/incense. I also used looking glass, but not as Metonymy. You’ll find the prompt here:


Bees #Nonet #Poem

A bee’s life is valid in itself.
We could learn so much, if we tried!
Living in community,
Taking just what they need,
Giving all they can!
We miss the mark
Looking out
For MY

A Nonet for #TankaTuesday Synonyms Only. I used looking out for, and miss, for the given words of search and lost. You can join in here: