Birthday Blessing (Triolet)

A birthday blessing just for you,
God guide and keep you every day,
And may your hopes and dreams come true.
A birthday blessing just for you.
Your spirit shines forever through,
A lamp to brighten all your ways;
A birthday blessing just for you,
God guide and keep you every day.

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Coffee, Sweet

You were not my cup of tea,
But steeped and permeated me;
You percolated every dream
And incubated love for me.

Your sweet caffeine, my sugared best;
Your creamy voice provided rest.
Though you were not my cup of tea,
You’re coffee energizing me.

Quadrille for Mish’s “steeped” prompt at
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Nature Song (Sonnet)

For Freddy, my soon-to-be husband.

Your laughter is a river flowing strong;
It rolls and rumbles, nourishing its path.
And in your voice I hear a living song;
As seasons come and go, the music lasts.

A mountain tall and firm, that is your faith.
Whatever trials on earth, you can’t be moved.
When lost in storms I cannot find my way,
Your rock of steady standing gets me through.

The Lord has given gifts to one and all,
But I can’t see the forest for the trees.
When brambles trip me up and then I fall,
You lift my spirit with a song to sing.

Eternal song of nature and His love,
I heard it when He sent you from above.

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Four Pillars

For my best friend, partner, and spiritual support with love.

When you first pledged your love to me,
You offered me your hands and feet,
The good you have and good you are,
Four pillars I am grateful for.

The strength of character you show
Is more to me than earthly gold.
Whatever trials come our way,
You’re standing strong through night and day.

And peace is your foundation firm;
When I’m unsteady, you return.
You never falter, never stray,
But walk beside me all the way.

A hand of joy you seek to share,
And I find beauty everywhere.
When troubles come as troubles will,
My anxious heart you always fill.

Your hand of love is kind and true;
In gratitude I look to you.
O may I learn to give as much –
A word, a prayer, a tender touch.

For these four pillars, pure and sweet,
I thank you for your pledge to me.
Your strength and peace, your joy and love,
God sent to me from heav’n above.

In the Closet

A sport coat, corduroy and navy blue,
Suspended in his closet for that day,
With gray pants and a crisp white shirt, all new,
And dark pink tie – the man is unafraid.

Her dress, dark pink as well, now hangs in wait,
And small white boots lay in the box to rest.
A glass pearl necklace ready for the date,
The navy blue that complements him best.

Her petticoat, a circle white and wide,
Puffs out the picture of this groom and bride. ❤

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