“In the Bleak Midwinter” #Music

Several melodies have been written setting the poem,
“In the Bleak Midwinter” by Christina Rossetti
to music. Hear I play the music by Gustav Holst on zither. Reading the poem, you’ll notice it has a Christmas/Nativity theme. But the other stanzas are a great reminder of God’s power at any time of year, and of the truest gift we can give Him – our heart.

Where I live Winter is still in full swing, so I thought I would share this beautiful piece.

I hope you enjoy this arrangement. If you like, feel free to download and share the mp3:
“In the Bleak Midwinter” Mp3

“I Am Here for You” #Music #Mp3 #Love

This is related to my Valentine’s Day post:
On Love, the Greatest Human Experience

Download Mp3

Click the following link to download the mp3:
I Am Here for You – Lyre Mp3

Introducing the Lyre

Meet Sunny! This is a beautiful instrument I will introduce properly soon. Suffice it to say, it sounds like a harp, but it is a lyre, a modern take on one of the oldest stringed instruments.

I hope you enjoy this song. I wrote an early version in 2005 or so, and added a verse and revised the refrain for this arrangement. It feels more complete now.

I Am Here for You – Lyrics

1. Living in this world is so
Uncertain at times.
So hold fast to me!
In my Presence know the Love
That you seek to find;
I will never leave.

Refrain 1:
As sure as years pass
And as the sun sets;
As sure as tides change,
Like there’s east and west…
As sure as night comes
In the Spirit of Love
I Am here for you.

2. When you have a problem
That seems too big to solve,
My Spirit helps you through.
When you’re feeling weak,
And you can’t handle it all,
I Am holding you.

Refrain 2:
As sure as years pass
And as the sun sets;
As sure as tides change,
Like there’s east and west…
As sure as night comes
As below, so above,
I Am here for you.

3. Love for each and every one,
Love within yourself
In my Spirit free.
Build it up and bring it out
As I show you how.
I Am All you seek.

Refrain 3:
As sure as years pass
And as the sun sets;
As sure as tides change,
Like there’s east and west…
As sure as night comes
In my Spirit of Love
I Am here for you.

On Love, The Greatest Human Experience

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Maybe you’re in a good love relationship, and you like Valentine’s Day. If so, congratulations and keep reading!

Or maybe you hate Valentine’s Day, because 1. you’re not in a relationship, or 2. you’ve been in a bad one. If this is you, you have my sympathies, and keep reading!

Love is the highest of all human experiences. But what is love?

Falling in love is euphoric. Getting married is supposed to be wonderful, but is also, in reality, extremely stressful. Being married? Well, it’s both. And the reason is, expectations. Yours, your partner’s, and to a lesser extent, other people’s.

The only expectations you can control are your own. So let’s talk about those.

If you expect too much, you will be disappointed. If you don’t expect enough, you’ll still be disappointed. But what does this have to do with love itself?

In a word? Everything!

The most important, and therefore also the hardest thing you’ll ever do is to love without expectations. Practically speaking, there are things you expect from any relationship. But spiritually, in order to love truly and fully, and to be loved truly and fully, we must release all expectations.

We must love, even when we receive nothing in return.

We must love, even when we receive negativity.

We must love, even when we’ve already given all we can.

We must love, even when we’re asked to give something we feel we don’t have.

We cannot be everything to another person. But we can love, even when we can’t provide what they need.

How do we pull this off?

Well, personally, we don’t. In fact, we can’t. It’s impossible.

But universally, with the help of God-within, we can love as the Spirit does: Fully, truly, and unconditionally.

In order to have love in our lives, this greatest and highest of human experiences, we must seek spiritual love first. And as the Bible says, “All these things will be added unto you.”

Seek the Presence of God, of Universal Consciousness, of Love. It is not outside you, not in a religion, not even in another person, though you can certainly see it through another. It is right here, right now, within your soul and spirit. It is the Essence of you. God is Love, and therefore, so are you. Seek this Love within you, and you will find Love in many forms!