Offer up Your Trust

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. The artist paints a canvas
With colors of all kinds.
The light of inspiration
Iluminates her mind.
The Source of all creation
Is beating in her heart.
The paintings just get better
When Love directs the art.

2. The cook works like it’s playtime
To gather, mix, and fold.
And everyone he honors says
It’s beauty to behold.
He serves to nourish body
And touch the mind and soul.
Love shines within his cooking
As a gift to keep us whole.

3. Each lifetime is a picture,
A banquet table fine.
Activities a-plenty
We do and intertwine.
Each duty we are called to
Is a blessing so divine.
Through eyes of Love we come to see
The Spirit deep inside.
Refrain: (Twice)

Offer up your trust.

Let the Spirit open you,
Filling you with Love
Over and above.
And make your heart a token, too.
Give yourself with Love;
Offer up your trust.

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Shapes of Practice

Circles, squares,
Poems, Prayers!
Weaving, writing,
Creating, inviting!

Lessons, reading,
Learning, eating!
Feeding body, mind and soul
With the work I love to hold,

Only then to give away
The things that fill each joyous day
To someone needing comfort, care–
In weaving, writing,
Circles, squares!

I always enjoy Walt’s prompts over at
and this one is no exception. We’re asked to write of either drought or deluge. I’ve experienced both on many levels, and each takes a different art of balancing! This current deluge is a positive one. 🙂

What’s in There?


Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. We don’t look in the mirror,
‘Cause we’re scared of what is in there.
We don’t try something new,
‘Cause we’re stuck on what has been there.
It’s a wonder we do anything at all!

2. We don’t lift that mental veil,
‘Cause we can’t see what it covers.
We don’t stand tall and proud,
‘Cause what happens when they see us?
It’s a wonder we get out of bed at all!

Repeat from beginning.

3. We don’t think outside the box,
‘Cause we’re scared of open spaces.
We don’t release the past,
‘Cause we’re stuck on losing races.
It’s a wonder we get anywhere at all!
Refrain: (Twice)

All that’s hidden there is
All that’s ever been there!
You, already finished!
You, without a blemish!
You, you, you!

Shining Jewel

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. I was a lady once.
I was a lady once.
Marriage, child, all in order;
Duties, boundaries, rules and borders.
I was a lady once.

2. I was a servant, too.
I was a servant, too.
Cook and clean and keep the homefire;
Mother and ignore desire.
I was a servant, too.

3. I am a Spirit true!
I am a Spirit true!
Now I listen, all in order,
Breaking chains of rules and borders.
I am a Spirit true!

4. I am a shining jewel!
I am a shining jewel!
God that lights and lives creation
Is my every animation.
I am a shining jewel!

5. I am a lady still.
I am a lady still.
Changing life, unchanging Spirit;
Gentle voice inside, I hear it.
I am a lady still.

I am a lady still!

This was written for the last day of prompts for the Fifth Anniversary of

Gayle Walters Rose asked us to consider a belief we once held that has changed. She presented other questions and possibilities, all of which I found intriguing. Read the post! I chose to write about the roles we’re taught or expected to play; there’s an obvious gender stereotype in this song, and a more subtle question of personal identity. The idea broadens to our Universal Identity, spiritual make-up, Cosmic Essence. We are all a Shining Jewel, regardless of our changing roles on earth.

I started these lyrics 2 years ago. Thank you, Gayle, for a great opportunity to finish them and put them to music. They still read like a poem, so I hope my fellow dVerse Poets enjoy the song!

Micropoetry 1

As part of the Fifth Anniversary celebration at
we’re asked to write micropoems, very short works wrapped up in Twitter’s 140 character limit. Each of the poems below stands alone; they are not stanzas to be read as one poem. Only the first is new; I’ve tweeted the others before, but they are all original.

Old thoughts
In new packaging
The cycle of life unfurls!

But… I couldn’t just write one new tiny piece, so I got to wondering if a
would fit within the character limit! The linked ones don’t (at least, I didn’t check them), but this one…

The Limerick is too long to fit,
But I got the guts and the grit.
O I’ll make it work
And my duty not sherk!
Defeat so complete? Not a bit!

(That’s 139 characters, count ’em!)

Now for those I wrote on Twitter itself, so I know they work:

God is great,
God is good,
Let us thank Himn as we should!

When I feel lost,
I find myself again
Where I have always been
Deep within.

Once unrestrained
Then I thought.
Now I think restrained about covers it.

Cunning gets
What it wants
Only through a narrow lens.

Worry grows.
Nothing goes.
Love knows.

It’s time to remember
The nature of my soul –
A throwback to who I really am.

Lipservice says
The best things in life are free.
Living shows
Avoidance in the worst way!

From lead to gold,
Ice to steam,
Fear to Love –

Armed with sword and shield
I march into the battle
Still unprotected.

O to live
In the realization
Of the Beautiful Mind
Within me!

Surrender your life
Don’t waste your mind
Know your right that is Divine!


Blank pages appear
Because we don’t know
The whole story.
SO may we read on!

I remember:
We are One.
Do you?

The sun shines my heart
The moon lights my mind
And living waters quench my thirsty soul.

I sacrificed myself
On a pyre of memories.
The hero is my soul that wouldn’t die!

Too much of a good thing
Is nonetheless the same extreme
As too little of what we need.
So moderation is the key.

Qualifying haiku here.

I like these little gems and will write more–thus the 1 here. 🙂

Lost Heart

I cannot find my heart
In the hustle and bustle and hassle and rustle…
Though it’s not even Christmas, I fear!
I cannot find my heart
In illusion, confusion, profusion, delusion,
For its voice is too quiet to hear.

In the silence I wait,
When I can remember,
And call to the Spirit inside.
I cannot find my heart
Unless I am seeking
Rediscovering what’s always been mine.

For the Fifth Anniversary celebration at
where Walt asks us to draw inspiration from this quote:
“I am cold, even though the heat of early summer is adequate. I am cold because I cannot find my heart.” ~Sebastian Barry from his novel A Long, Long Way


Stretching over earth and sea and sky,
Asking questions, singing answers;
Holding all our “why’s”.

Body, mind and Spirit taking part,
Rising to crescendo, FORTE!
Let it fill your heart.

The songlines draw each life a brilliant art!

A musical-themed Sevenling for

Season of Headache

Celebrating is the last thing I feel like doing.
The first thing is sleep.
The second is coffee, but I’ve already had too much.
That leads to the third,
A terminal headache…
But this, too, shall pass
As I journey onward
To celebrate

Grace hosts today’s first of five anniversary features over at
The Quadrille has become a favorite of mine, and this one should contain the word “journey”. I am journeying indeed, but not celebrating… yet.

Pink Flamingo

Many, if not all of us at one time or another, live in silent desperation. We feel we can’t tell others what is really going on, so we (try to) hide behind a smiling face, a sense of humor, evasive answers, or in this case, a pink flamingo. May this song be a reminder that we’re all in this together, and there is a Light of Truth behind our identities and expectations!

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

I hid my sins behind
A pink flamingo
So people think things go
The way I wish they would.
But when I take the time
To see the light inside me,
I know it gently guides me
To a place that’s real and good.

1. The paradise I got
Is not the paradise I wanted.
And the love I thought would last,
It slid right down the drain.
And I just couldn’t face the facts
Of the faces and opinions.
So I held it all inside me
And tried not to complain.

2. The picture that I see
Is not the picture that I wanted.
And the things I need to do,
It seems they never do get done.
And I just couldn’t face the facts
Of the faces and opinions.
So I tried to smooth it over
And paint a better one.

‘Cause that flamingo statue can fall over.
And all the stuff behind it can pour out.
My insecurities are like that cover.
God sends the tides and washes them all out.

So no more hiding sins behind
A pink flamingo
So people think things go
The way I wish they would.
‘Cause when I take the time
To see the light inside me,
It always gently guides me
To a place that’s real and good.

A place that God provides me
Where I understand His good.

Common Threads (The Weaver’s Song)

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

O don’t expect our threads to look the same.

1. As cultures, families, and friends,
We have some common threads for sure.
They give us things to talk about and help our bonds to form.
But no matter what we think and say
Or do that looks the same,
Our common threads are different players in a special game.

2. Religions, hobbies, work, and life,
They give us common threads to hold,
Connecting us through chaos and confusion in the cold.
But no matter what we pick and choose
That looks the same to you,
We add a special touch to our corner of the truth.

3. There is one Spirit in us all.
It’s the common thread that’s real;
The God who weaves our tapestry and lets us live and feel.
And no matter what we find in life,
Our threads are in His hand.
The Spirit won’t unravel, and the work is always grand!

No, don’t expect our threads to look the same.

Don’t expect our threads to look the same
As they intertwine with others in play.
Like everyone in fact,
They travel on a path.
But we see and hear and touch and know within a narrow frame.
So don’t expect our threads to look the same.



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