Springing Up

“Things spring up for a reason. Respond now, or keep repeating a pattern.”

The things that spring
Up from the ground
Are here to shout,
We’re still around!”

The things that spring
From darkest gloom
Just try to make
Some bless’ed room!

The things that spring
Up to be pulled –
Take all you can
To catch the root.

The things that spring
Up from the soil –
They must be picked
Or all will spoil.

The things that spring
So Life can bloom –
We let some go
To be renewed!

The things that spring
Up from the ground
Are here to shout,
“We’re still around!”


Whole – Spiritual Song

A reminder of Truth, for contemplation, meditation and comfort.

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar
(Tenor guitar tuning, GDAE)

Hear the voice of the One Divine Spirit,
the I Am,
the Creator,
the Lifeforce of All.
Know the Truth of the Word;
Feel it;
Speak it;
With all your being
Be it.
For it is who and what
You really are.

1. I Am one
I Am whole
I Am strong
I Am blessed
By the Word
And the Song
Into Love, Light and Peace
Flow perceptions of wrong
I Am one
I Am whole
I Am strong!

2. I am known
I am loved
I am free
I am blessed
By the Christ
Within me
For I carry the Light
With compassion and see
I am known
I am loved
I am free!

Repeat 1-2.

As you Know,
Let it be so.
And so it is!

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Earth Day Affirmations

Feel free to use these as reminders, in meditation, contemplation, or
prayer treatment,
on this Earth Day or any day.

Recognition – I recognize that I am one with God. Therefore, I am one with the creations of earth, sky, and beyond.

Meditation – Through my daily practice of meditation, I make and maintain contact with the God-Presence within me – the same God-Presence in the earth, its vegetation, rocks, animals, waters, and all lifeforms.

Guidance – Universal Consciousness or God guides me in how best to respond to and care for the earth and all that live here. I am a living, breathing manifestation of God’s Power, and this Power encourages me to be a vessel of good to the earth and its creatures.

Realization – I realize the earth plane is one of change, evolution, and movement. I respond positively and spiritually when I notice conflict, and God works through me for the highest good of all.

Release – I let go of the need to fix anything, stamp out injustice, resolve conflict, and improve from the outside. As I become more aware of God within me, I respond naturally, and outer conditions improve from within.

Gratitude – I give thanks to the Spirit of the Universe that creates and sustains all life. I see the wonder, beauty, and order of God’s design. I give thanks for this divine Will and Plan and know that it unfolds perfectly in the Mind of God.

“Those People!”

You know the ones –
They always get their hair done
Wear the fancy clothes
Eat out all the time
And go to YOUR favorite coffee place every morning…

And the others –
They have all the latest gadgets
And let’s not even talk about their cell phones
They have nice cars
But they’re on some government program…?

And there are more, oh you know there are always more –
They all speak THAT language
The one that isn’t yours
And they have THAT last name
The one that isn’t yours either
And they hold up every line YOU are forced to stand in…

“Those people!”

Pull up your boots
Stick out your chest
Square your shoulders
Brush back your hair like you just don’t care
Because you don’t, you know…

Look in the mirror
And wipe that smug look off your face…
Because you know what you are?
You are one of
Those people, too
So am I
And so is everyone else…

We may all have different priorities
Value lots of things
Speak other languages
And God forbid we eat out or have coffee against YOUR judgment…

It only seems bad to you
Because you think it is…

But “those people” are not divided from you –
You just believe that they are…

Look in the mirror again
And see something good
One simple thing
You can do this
It’s not that hard
You’re just not used to it…

Got one?

Next time you see someone
Doing something you wish you could
Having something you wish you had
Enjoying something you crave
Remember the Spirit
That embraces and enfolds
Both of you
From the inside
To the outside
And not the other way around…

There is as much God in you
As there is
In every one of
“Those people!”

And there’s enough God
TO go around
Because we are
Each and every one of us –
No matter what we think
Or what we do
Or how we act
Deep down where nobody sees
And where we should look more often –
We are
“God’s people!”

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Settled – Spiritual Song

Instrument: Eventide – Mahogany Concert Ukulele

1. Always lookin’ for some more
Or settling a score,
We dance around the issues of the past.
We don’t really let them go,
And for all we choose to know,
We cling to things that really couldn’t last.

2. All the people and the things
That bring us security
Only keep the peace of falsehood in our minds.
If we really had the best,
We would choose the Peace and Rest
When we seek in God, we never fail to find.

3. The foundation of a heart
Is the Spirit that is part
Of each thing we ever loved or thought we could.
And It never goes away,
Even when surroundings change.
So a life that’s settled here is truly good.

God never goes away,
Even when surroundings change.
So a life settled in Him is truly good.

Haiku: Holy Breath, States Matter, Dove, Pinwheel

Four modern, mystical haiku. They may not hold to the true Japanese form of beautiful, brief poetry. But they are written to be spiritual and about nature – sometimes the natural world, sometimes human nature. Like my
Limericks collection,
these are reminders of Cosmic Consciousness or God.

Holy Breath

Taking your first breath
Birth, love you don’t remember
Still what’s true is true

States Matter

Solid, liquid, gas
Ice, Water, steam; earth, sea, sky
Energy transforms


Coo, coo, soft and sweet
The dove soars, strong, free, complete
That Spirit is yours


Spinning sun with rays
A beanstalk from Earth to Sky
WHIRRR! The first pinwheel

Let the Mind Be in You

Instrument: Eventide – Mahogany Concert Ukulele

1. God sees all of You,
But you only see a part.
So to do your best,
You gotta open up your heart!

2. God sees where you’ve been
And where you’re gonna be.
He’s the Truth of who You are,
So stand up and be free!

3. God is the beginning,
All lifetimes, and the end.
So on His Love and Knowing
We can all depend!
Refrain: (Twice)

[And/so] let the Mind be within you
As It was in Christ!
Let the Breath of the Spirit
Be your abundant Life!
And let the peace that passes understanding
Come down like a dove,
And let the heart of God
Fill your heart with Love!