Vain Repetitions

Wow! Isn’t it amazing that we get caught up in all this drama? The break-ups, the angry kids, the “and I want this, this, this and this,” the job, co-workers, spouse or significant other, the car, the house, the bills we think we need to pay by our own power, the helplessness, hopelessness, fear, depression?

All of it is drama! And none of it has to exist!

Think about that. Not with your head, for Heaven’s sake! With your heart, beyond intellectual, mental thought. Ponder it in your heart. And listen to what your heart says: Listen well!

Drama does not have to be our way of life.

Life can be moderate, which does not mean joyless, unexciting, boring! It means even-keeled, steady-paced, going with the natural ebb and flow of things. Not putting all our eggs in one basket, not putting all our hope in one relationship, one source of income, one picture of how life must appear on the outside.

And we can do this! We can do this, when we give more power to the inner picture, than to the outer. Yes, the outer picture is a reflection of what’s happening inside, within the heart, mind and soul. In spite of this, and because of it, we must change the inner landscape first, if we expect the outer one to really change.

Otherwise, when we remarry, get our next paycheck, start the new school year, open one more credit card account, take one more anxiety pill, read this book and attend that seminar, we’ll repeat the same old pattern! Over and over, again and again!

Why? Because the inside hasn’t changed! It hasn’t risen above the problem-creating consciousness, or state of mind.

Do the inner work, for Heaven’s sake! And I do mean for Heaven’s sake! If a good life–that is, truly good, in order, fulfilling, and abundant, prosperous and joyful–if that is what you want, do the work! Because that is the kingdom of Heaven, that is “Thy will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven!”

So, do the inner work! Allow it to be done by God working through you, so that it can be expressed, made visible, tangible, and manifest in your life.

Because drama is not the only way. And life is so much more than what we see on the outside!

We can be in this world, experiencing what it has to offer, including the drama. But we don’t have to identify with it. Jesus said, “They are not of the world even as I am not of the world.” (John 17:16 World English Bible) By experiencing this other-worldliness – i.e. oneness with God, in meditation, we discover this Truth for ourselves. Without this Truth, we’re practicing vain repetitions, until the soul and mind become aware of the God-Presence at their center, and improve outwardly from this inner oneness.

May it be so for you; for this realization we give thanks!
And so it is!