Glass Houses

Glass Houses

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III

Where do you live?
What’s your address?

Do you reside on
Live and Let Live Blvd?

Or is your happy home on
Judgment Ave?

You must ask yourself this question…
Or not,
only if you care enough
to consider your neighbors.

We all live
in life’s glass houses,
and no one is perfect –
even relatively close.

Think for a minute.
Life would be boring
if we all were perfect!

We would instantly know
what our neighbors think of us,
and that could cause many problems.

As life is now,
anyone can tell you
And who’s to know
if it be truth or fiction?

What a world that would be indeed!
That old adage always rings true:

Those who live in glass houses
should not

And remember…
We all live
in life’s
glass houses!
–The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

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Good Wood

I am wood,
balanced between
earth and sky.

I am turquoise,
green and blue, earth and water

I am wood,
grown, cut down, fashioned, burned,
changed by my own life path.

I am Spring,
even when I don’t feel the sun

I am wood,
creating fire,
destroying and transforming.

I am mi,
not the root but still essential
to the musical scale.

I am wood,
balanced between
earth and sky.

My response to Amaya’s beautiful and thought-provoking “In my Element” prompt at
with some help from
Utah Symphony!


I am on my way,
light and dark and day
and night.
Constantly I pray
that I do not stray
from right.
Yet I feel the clay
at my feet decay.

Dragons I must slay
circle me and play
with fire.
Jumping in the fray,
piercing with a ray
of ire.
Wounded, there I lay,
under skies of gray.

Standing now, I sway,
look around and they
are gone…
Spirit on display
lifts me up to say
Light and dark and day,
I am on my way!

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A Mother’s Day Tribute

A Mother’s Day Tribute

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III

Mothers are a special breed,
Always there in time of need.

They give us life
And help us to avoid strife.

Mothers keep the family together,
Going to work in all types of weather.

Sometimes not shown the gratitude they so richly deserve,
Just trying to show love to God and the children they serve.

Some may not have their child to hold
Because of circumstances beyond their control,

But that’s all right, because God knows all.
Anyone who forms a wedge between mother and child will surely have to answer the call.

Foster, adoptive, stepmothers, one and all –
No other stands as tall.

The Lord blessed this world with Mothers, it’s true.
If not for mothers, there would not be any me nor you.

The special bond between mother and child will never be broken.
This word is true; The Blind Poet has spoken! ❤

To all Mothers past and present,
May the Lord bless you on this Mother's Day!

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I Do

I Do because you offered more
Than anything I had before.
You changed my world and brought me through;
Is that enough to say I Do?

I Do because you made a way
To ease my mind and fill each day.
My greatest gift on earth is you;
Is that enough to say I Do?

I Do because we always care,
And burdens large and small, we share.
I hope to measure up to you;
Is that enough to say I Do?

I Do because my only love,
Besides the Lord in Heav’n above,
Now took me in, and I am true.
Is that enough to say I Do?

I Do, am I the only one
To ask until the day is done,
If I am doing right by you?
Is that enough to say I Do?

I Do because God told me yes;
I asked for love, and I am blessed.
And so I give myself to you,
And that’s enough to say I Do.

I Do, and with a woman’s heart,
I pray that I will do my part.
And may the Lord help me improve,
And that’s enough to say I Do.

I Do, but it’s a winding road,
And who can say they really know?
I reach for more to be and do,
And that’s enough to say I Do.

I Do, but all the people talk!
Yet mine is not the path they walk.
I must let go and live my truth,
And that’s enough to say I Do.

I Do, and I am striving still;
I promise that I always will.
Beyond the mind, my love shines through,
And that’s enough to say I Do.

This poem is a
It’s kind of a double Kyrielle, if there is such a thing, with stanzas 1-5 sharing a repeating line, and stanzas 6-10 sharing another.


The Truth About Wedding Planning

More than I Should

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I wrote this song 2 years ago today. Not for a moment did I think I would be married by now! Freddy and I hadn’t even met in person yet… I’m glad I didn’t have a crystal ball, or I probably would have run the other way in terror. :-() Speaking from the other side as it were, not only does love conquer all, but when it really is love, it cannot be denied.

More than I Should – Lyrics

I think of you more than I should.
It turns me upside-down,
But uh huh, the world looks good.
You can’t ignore the facts,
And I admit that
I think of you more than I should.

1. I walk the halls.
I climb the walls,
And you know, I don’t get much sleep at all.
And when I do,
I dream of you,
And my smile doesn’t try to hide the truth.

2. I pace the stairs
And play musical chairs,
While I dance with thoughts of you beyond compare.
And it’s all right,
‘Cause I see the light.
Could it be love sent from above? Uh huh, it might.
Refrain: (Twice)

Uh huh, you’re good,
So I think of you much more than I should.

Crystal’s Theory of Relatives

Relatives are relatively harmless,
until you suppose something they don’t,
disagree with their agreements,
opine an opposing opinion,
or speculate that maybe
*someone* is relatively unstable.

But relatively speaking,
you can learn to relate to your relations
as long as you remember:
While they are your relatives,
you are still relatively free
to speculate on your own life,
presuppose what you will,
say yes to another proposition,
and generally assume the position of decision-maker –
not for them, but for yourself…

relatively speaking, that is!

My “theory” piece for
dVerse Poetics.