Good Wood

I am wood,
balanced between
earth and sky.

I am turquoise,
green and blue, earth and water

I am wood,
grown, cut down, fashioned, burned,
changed by my own life path.

I am Spring,
even when I don’t feel the sun

I am wood,
creating fire,
destroying and transforming.

I am mi,
not the root but still essential
to the musical scale.

I am wood,
balanced between
earth and sky.

My response to Amaya’s beautiful and thought-provoking “In my Element” prompt at
with some help from
Utah Symphony!

7 thoughts on “Good Wood

  1. I liked the way you worked through the chinese eldments in this piece. Enjoyed the wrtite. What I ascertained from wading through the chinese elements – I am a red pig on fire in the sir for Mars… or in other words, Flying Martian BBQ! This was a good poem!

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  2. Oh yes, five elements and the pentatonic scale! Thanks for that Utah Symphony link. I’m also a wood year and agree, the 3 or the mi in music is essential to interpreting the musical language, and of course for providing the world with much needed harmonization. Thanks for writing:)


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