Let Them Heal

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1. I’ve felt resentment, jealousy,
And more that drained the life from me.
But when I gave them up in prayer,
I found that healing waited there.

2. I’ve been depressed and worried sick,
So hurt I couldn’t eat a bit.
But Jesus set me free in truth,
And this is what I share with you.

3. Oh let us learn and let us be
Good soldiers in His company
To fight the battles, big and small,
And those within us most of all.

Let go, let God, let them heal (repeat).

‘Cause wounds don’t have to fester,
Let them heal.
Turn to the light of Christ,
And make a change that lasts for real.
‘Cause wounds don’t have to fester.
[3. Ya gotta] Let go, let God, let them heal.

When Teardrops Fall

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This song is for everyone experiencing grief, anger, pain, depression, or turmoil of any kind. My thoughts, support, and prayers are with you, that you find peace and strength even in the midst of adversity. For confidential, one-on-one spiritual support,
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When teardrops fall,
May they open our eyes
To see that peace and understanding flourish in our lives.
When teardrops fall,
May they water well
And make our hearts a garden where the Spirit blooms and dwells.

1. We can sow seeds of goodness
Or plant a world of hate.
And even in despair and asking why,
We still can pray.

2. We have so many feelings
Of anger, hurt and grief.
But we can ask the Lord to show
Which feelings are the weeds.

3. For we all tend a garden
Of heart and soul and mind.
And what we plant today
Will be the fruit at harvest time.

Lord, make our hearts a garden where Your Spirit blooms and dwells
When teardrops fall.


Salty Tears


Spirit Bright

Come Unto Me

Leave Them Where You Left Them

Blessing of the Elements

May the Earth of the North ground you
And keep your body strong.
May the Water of the West flow through you
And ease your feelings and emotions.
May the Fire of the South transform you
And clear your mind of negativity.
May the Air of the East speak through you
And breathe life everywhere you go.
May God’s elements of Nature bless your world
As He holds you in His loving hands forever.


Music, Elemental

Two to One

Two ears that listen carefully,
Two arms that hold me close,
Two hands that offer strength to me,
Two hearts that beat with love.

Two lovers living far apart,
But distance can’t divide
The oneness of our unity
In body, soul and mind.

Now there’s one thing I understand;
It’s simple, sweet and true.
What’s making me a better one
Is being one with you.

Your humor and my thoughtfulness,
Your laughter and my tears,
Your love protects, and mine connects
To keep us through the years.

We lived alone; we lived apart
And somehow got along.
But God gave us His greatest gift
By turning two, to one.


Eternal Love

Beyond the Tine We Stay

My Only One

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It’s only you, my only one.

1. Who makes my spirit smile?
Who reminds me that the hard times only last a while?
Who walks with me and holds my hand through every tear and trial?
It’s you, only you.

2. Who puts my fears to rest?
Who reminds me all I have to do is be my best?
Who has the strength and confidence to help me pass each test?
It’s you, only you.

3. Who sets my heart on fire?
Who reminds me every day to uplift and inspire?
Who gives me the encouragement to reach for my desires?
It’s you, only you.

It’s only you, my only one. (2x)

It’s only you who makes my heart sing
And loves me through everything.
It’s you who brings the laughter, and you who shines the sun.
It’s only you, my only one.


The Real Deal

Changed (Because of You)

Love the Broken Ones

Eternal Love

Father Unchanging

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(Capo 2)

1. The ocean is a wondrous thing.
It flows in Summer, Fall, and Spring.
In Winter there is ice to see,
But heat and salt work faithfully
To keep deep waters flowing free.
God doesn’t let His ocean freeze.

2. The earth is an amazing place,
Supporting life through time and space.
The seasons come and creatures flee
To find the home and food they need.
Some hybernate or dig for heat,
‘Cause God doesn’t let His creatures freeze.

3. The Spirit is a raging fire
He fuels so we may feel desire.
We walk through darkness, cold and deep,
But Christ our Savior never sleeps.
And if we tend His Light, we’ll see,
God doesn’t let our Spirit freeze.

Father unchanging, You abide.

Father unchanging, changing life.
Turning and churning, dark and light.
Giving and taking, You provide.
Holding and molding, , be my guide.
Father unchanging, You abide.


Ice and Fire

Changed (Because of You)