Let Them Heal

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1. I’ve felt resentment, jealousy,
And more that drained the life from me.
But when I gave them up in prayer,
I found that healing waited there.

2. I’ve been depressed and worried sick,
So hurt I couldn’t eat a bit.
But Jesus set me free in truth,
And this is what I share with you.

3. Oh let us learn and let us be
Good soldiers in His company
To fight the battles, big and small,
And those within us most of all.

Let go, let God, let them heal (repeat).

‘Cause wounds don’t have to fester,
Let them heal.
Turn to the light of Christ,
And make a change that lasts for real.
‘Cause wounds don’t have to fester.
[3. Ya gotta] Let go, let God, let them heal.

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