The Little Horses #Decima #Music #Poem

Download “The Little Horses” Mp3

O hear this peaceful lullaby
That carries you to wondrous dreams
On horses with their manes that stream!
You ride them safely now in flight!
You travel far in sweet delight
Upon your brown or on your bay,
On dappled mare or on the gray.
You dream as high as horses leap,
Your own adventure while you sleep
From moonlit night to sunlit day!

A Decima written for
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 67: (LEAP) in the D rhyme line.

The background music is the American folk song, “The Little Horses,” which was part of my
Double Strung Experiment series.

This version is played on a true double strung harp, alto recorder, Egg of Creation shaker, maple rattle, and pear branch Little Spirit Shaker.

I hope you enjoy the music and poem!

Mozart’s “Minuet in F Major” #Music

Download “Minuet in F Major” Mp3

Here is an early piano piece by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, “Minuet in F Major.” My double strung harp arrangement is based on the following video by Anne Crosby Gaudet. However, I modified one section, because my harp has no levers. Can you tell which section this is?

I hope you enjoy hearing both arrangements!