Blessings Be upon You

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God bless us!

This does not sound like a Christmas song. Even people surrounded by family and others can feel most isolated at this time of year. And if my prayer list is any indication, people want to feel some glimmer of hope and blessings, now more than ever! That’s why this isn’t a Christmas song, and why most of my holiday songs are more generic–because it’s not only on a holiday that we long to experience something higher than our human thoughts and circumstances! This longing is universal, and Higher Consciousness is, too! And so, may blessings be upon you, now and always!

Numbers 6:24-26 (NKJV)

“The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”

Blessings Be upon You – Lyrics

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. When times are dark and dreary
And you feel worn and weary,
I ask that blessings be upon you.

2. When every wish you’ve wanted
Is like a haunting hunter,
I ask that blessings be upon you.

3. When careless words are working
To keep you hard and hurting,
I ask that blessings be upon you.
Refrain: (Twice)

May the Lord give you peace!

The Lord bless you and keep you
And shine His face upon you.
The Lord be gracious unto you
And give you peace.
The Lord give you peace!

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Connecting Prayer

You are me. I am you.
Nothing can part us. We are not two.

We are one. Thy will be done.
Spirit made flesh. The web is spun.

Created in love. Below and above.
Earthly illusions, the push and the shove.

Yet in every thing eternity sings,
One Spirit of knowing that plays its own strings.

Because you are me. And I am you.
Nothing can part us, One in the Truth!

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Prayer treatments.


Oneness Prayer

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Life Prayer

I know Life is living
Beyond what I see
And Being is being
Itself within me.
So freeing the freedom
Of all that I Am,
My heartbeat is heartened
With Spirit in hand.

For true gifts are given
To one and to all.
The king of all kingdoms
In greatest and small.
The beautiful beauty
Of peace, hope, and love;
The mind that is mindful
Of goodness above.

And seeing is seeing
One picture of life.
Yet Being is being,
No matter the strife.
And love always loving
Despite every care.
No limits can limit
The Lifeforce we share!

The Real I have realized,
This Truth is for me.
My thanks cannot thank You
For letting me be.
Yet living is living
As long as I might;
Your gifts I am giving
To carry Your Light!

I know Life is living
Beyond what I see
And Being is being
Itself within me.
So freeing the freedom
Of all that I Am,
My heartbeat is heartened
With Spirit in hand.
–And so it is!

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One Body, Individualized

There is one body.
It appears as many,
But really it is one.

The body of the Universe,
The form of Cosmic Intelligence,
The Temple of God:
One body, one manifestation,

O, how we think we’re our own!
Off the grid,
Living off the land…
“My body, my decision.
My body, my self!”

Except it’s not!
It is The Body,
You are The Body,
In divid U al,
You ni verse, Spirit, God
And all manifestations
Of Self!

How callous,
TO think “I am myself.
I am my identity,
My body,
My gender,
My roles,
And I govern my life!”

I do not govern anything!
I am complete within myself
Because I am One with God.
I am a microcosm
Of the macrocosm
That is All there is!

And for this,
For dependence,
For One Body,
For Life,
Cosmic intelligence,
By One, as One,
For One Life individualized:
I give thanks!
–And so it is!


This is a self-blessing song, inspired by blessing and Chakra-cleansing rituals. Authors include Z Budapest, Diane Stein, and Dianne Sylvan. But while those are Goddess/woman-centered, this song is for everyone. It is my own interpretation and uses only the same body points as these rituals.

You could do this as a meditation any time, as a song, poem, or however it fits into your spiritual practice. It could be a weekly, monthly, New or Full Moon, or celebration ritual. It is most important to be mindful whenever and wherever you do any meditation – simply performing a ritual or routine practice doesn’t make you more aware in itself.


Instrument: A-440 (A4) tuning fork

Bless me for I am Your child,
In Your image, all supplied.
Live through me, that I may grow,
Ever greater Love to show.

Third Eye:
Bless my eyes that I may see
One in All and You in me.
Light my mind and point of view,
Bringing me Your thoughts of Truth.

Bless my voice so that I say
Words of kindness through the day.
May my breath and every sound
Vibrate sweetly all around.

Bless my heart that I may love
In communion as the doves.
All-embracing without fear,
Your compassion gathered here.

Solar Plexus:
Bless my center, sacred core,
Intuition, trust and more.
May each feeling be a guide
To Your Spirit deep inside.

Bless my belly, soft and warm,
Healed of hurt and safe from harm.
May desire be for the best,
Your creation manifest.

Bless my root that draws from You,
In its season to produce.
May I live a fruitful time;
Fed by You, I feed in kind..

Bless my hands to touch and do
Things that let Your Spirit through.
Working, playing, held in prayer,
Spreading goodness, easing care.

Bless my feet to go aright
In Your will and path of life.
May my steps be strong and sure
In Your Presence evermore.

Bless me for I am Your child,
In Your image, all supplied.
Live through me, that I may grow,
Ever greater Love to show.

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Release Chant

A meditational prayer chant/treatment. Healing is not the result of the music or even the treatment itself, but of connecting with the God-Presence within you. It is the God-Presence alone that does the healing.

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

Verses have 7 repetitions.

1. Release…

2. Good unfold…

3. Perfect Love…

4. I am free…


Four Steps to Be Here Now
Four Steps to Defragment Your Life

Dance with Me

This could be a love song between people, except that people can’t “save” each other… Beyond that, the dance is a spiritual one, and the love is eternal.

Universal (God’s) Will is done, no matter what we think, say or do, whether we “like” it or not. But when we are conscious and aware of our partnership with the Divine, life flows more smoothly. There are still ups and downs, but they are more balanced and easier to navigate with God-Mind awareness.

To contact and maintain this awareness, we use meditation,
prayer treatment,
communing with nature, music, Yoga, and any number of personal spiritual practices. The key is to connect with the God-Mind flowing through you. Because it is within you, even when you’re not conscious of Its Presence. The “dance” is between you and God, one in Truth, and only appearing separate when the personal ego-centered human mind has focus.

May you dance consciously and joyfully with the Spirit within you!

Dance with Me – Lyrics

Also published in
Seasons of the Moon
Volume 13 Issue 4 Lammas 2016

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

Dance with me, easily,
While I hold you in my arms.
Move with me, in harmony,
While I keep your soul from harm.

1. I am always here with you.
My love is boundless, ever true.
Just let go and see the proof.
Dance with me, I dance with you.

2. Keeping rhythm, taking time,
Waltzing with your hand in mine.
I am here so you can shine,
Touching lives all intertwined.

3. I am here when you don’t know,
Guiding gently as you go.
Never once are you alone.
Dancing still, I bring you home.
Refrain: (Twice)

Dance with me, dance with me.

Whole – Spiritual Song

A reminder of Truth, for contemplation, meditation and comfort.

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar
(Tenor guitar tuning, GDAE)

Hear the voice of the One Divine Spirit,
the I Am,
the Creator,
the Lifeforce of All.
Know the Truth of the Word;
Feel it;
Speak it;
With all your being
Be it.
For it is who and what
You really are.

1. I Am one
I Am whole
I Am strong
I Am blessed
By the Word
And the Song
Into Love, Light and Peace
Flow perceptions of wrong
I Am one
I Am whole
I Am strong!

2. I am known
I am loved
I am free
I am blessed
By the Christ
Within me
For I carry the Light
With compassion and see
I am known
I am loved
I am free!

Repeat 1-2.

As you Know,
Let it be so.
And so it is!

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Earth Day Affirmations

Feel free to use these as reminders, in meditation, contemplation, or
prayer treatment,
on this Earth Day or any day.

Recognition – I recognize that I am one with God. Therefore, I am one with the creations of earth, sky, and beyond.

Meditation – Through my daily practice of meditation, I make and maintain contact with the God-Presence within me – the same God-Presence in the earth, its vegetation, rocks, animals, waters, and all lifeforms.

Guidance – Universal Consciousness or God guides me in how best to respond to and care for the earth and all that live here. I am a living, breathing manifestation of God’s Power, and this Power encourages me to be a vessel of good to the earth and its creatures.

Realization – I realize the earth plane is one of change, evolution, and movement. I respond positively and spiritually when I notice conflict, and God works through me for the highest good of all.

Release – I let go of the need to fix anything, stamp out injustice, resolve conflict, and improve from the outside. As I become more aware of God within me, I respond naturally, and outer conditions improve from within.

Gratitude – I give thanks to the Spirit of the Universe that creates and sustains all life. I see the wonder, beauty, and order of God’s design. I give thanks for this divine Will and Plan and know that it unfolds perfectly in the Mind of God.

One Life, My Life

A song for meditational prayer treatment. Whether for health, finances, personal relationships, or any other physical, mental or emotional concern, becoming aware of your Christ Conscious Self promotes lasting change and security.

One Life, My Life – Lyrics

Instrument: Concert Viola

1. There is one River
There is one Life
There is one Spirit
Rippling through time.
I am that River
I am that Life
It is my Spirit
Waiting to shine.

2. From in the darkness
The Light appears
The Dawn absorbing
All stress and fears.
Accepting good now
My Mind is bright
May I be fruitful
In Love and Light.

3. I thank the Spirit
Who dwells in me
For this anointing
That sets me free.
I am the River
I am the Life
Christ Mind is in me
Rippling through time.

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Rocks and Rivers – Poem