The Path of Righteousness

By the Power of God within me, I walk the path of righteousness. Right thinking, right action, right word, right silence, right mind and soul state, right health in body.

The Mind is in me that was in Christ Jesus, and I am transformed in consciousness, focus and awareness.

I realize: I am that which I am – the Presence of God within me. I know that everything is resolved already. God is right here, right now. And I am a vessel that carries His Presence always. For this realization I give thanks. I let it be so, guided by the God-Presence that is my foundation and only true Reality.

And so it is!

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I Am Your Child

Holy Breath, Holy Spirit, cleanse and comfort my mind, so my awareness is drawn ever toward You. Loose these things from me, o God Almighty! Lift my mind from fears, regrets, and dwelling in negativity. Send Your Holy Spirit to cleanse, comfort, console and Christ my mind, body, life, and the minds, bodies and lives of all those I have affected or touched in any way. Sublimate all hurt so it is as if it never happened and no harshness remains!

Help me to know what to say and how to respond to others. And when a relationship needs to end on any level, o God I pray You end it through me, by Your Power! For I of myself do nothing! It is You,,,,,, o Father within me, who doeth these works!

I am Your Child, so may the Christ Mind be made flesh through me!

I am Your Child, and I am one with You!

I am Your Child, and by Your Power, I am about Your business! You are ever present within me, guiding and directing my words and actions!

I am Your Child, created in Your image of Love!

I am Your Child, born to manifest Your glory!

I am Your Word made flesh!

I am free, by the Christ Mind within me, that is one with You, o Father-Mother God!

By Your Power I have overcome much and will overcome more! In Spirit I am already perfect, even as You are perfect! And this my life manifests, by Your will and work!

Thank You God! I let it be so, to me and through me, and to and through all Your creations!

And so it is!

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Knowing Alpha and Omega

Cling only to the God-Presence within you, because in Truth, there is nothing else!

People, don’t last. Things, don’t last. Relationships, don’t last. Financial security, doesn’t last. Created works, don’t last. Self-help, doesn’t last. Self-improvement, doesn’t last. Addiction, doesn’t last. The world, doesn’t last.

But God does! God-Mind is infinite and eternal. God-Spirit is the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end (Revelation 22:13), in and out, our waking up and our lying down… (Psalm 3:5) All of these God knows and sees and is, and beyond, God still is.

For this realization, we give thanks! We let it be so throughout our being – in body, heart, mind and soul! For it is God who has made us, and not we ourselves. (Psalm 100:3) And so it is!

On Being Christ-minded

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.
–Philippians 2:5 (KJV)

As electrical current flows through a cord that is plugged into the outlet, let me be plugged into the Father, conduct the Holy Spirit, and be equal in mind to the anointed Christ! By the Power of God working in and through me, it is so. Amen.

Prayer Through Depression

In light of recent events, I offer this meditational prayer treatment for anyone experiencing inner turmoil.

I am tired of the lists, the plans, the goals, the ruts, the failures, the decisions, and detours!

I can’t take any more of the feelings of low self-esteem, inadequacy, disconnect, and depression!

I desire to move beyond thinking, doing, feeling, struggling, striving, and trying to be fulfilled by outer things.

I give up my personal ego, that part of me that believes it is all I am. That part of me that sees problems, thinks it can solve them but falls far short, makes decisions out of fear and loneliness, and constantly repeats the same patterns and ways of being. Because this part of me is nothing; it is not who I am. It does not work for my good. It has no creative power, and it does not plan my life.

God is the only creative power! Through meditation I connect each day with the God-Presence within me. Through God’s power, I see negative feelings and experiences for what they truly are: Not as who and what I am, but as feedback, communication, and guidance to shift my awareness back to God.

Circumstances and events may seem bad. However, God is above, beyond and within all things. All-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful, ever-present God uses circumstances to work for His glory. Even through negativity, God is there, at the peaceful center of my being.

Every day I turn within myself, know God’s presence there, and realize that God creates and directs my life. For I am more than my feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and I open to this Truth every day of my life.

There is a conscious, Christ-Mind point of contact where my soul is one with God. I know this point in meditation, and carry that awareness with me throughout my day.

For this realization I give thanks. I let it be so. And so it is!

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What your Voice Reveals

“I can hear it in your voice.”

Someone who knows you well has probably told you this. And you may have been happy, but you probably felt vulnerable, exposed, and uncomfortable.

Our voices reveal a lot about us! Our thoughts, opinions, beliefs, self-image, feelings, emotions, and more flow through our voices. Not everyone consciously discerns them, just as many people don’t consciously project them. Nevertheless, there they are! The voice expresses our overall vibration and harmony, or dis-harmony as the case may be. By noticing what the voice has to say, through its quality, tone, rhythm, pitch, how we use it, etc., we can direct our awareness inward to restore and maintain wholeness.

The physical voice alone has no power or creative force. But there is an essence, cosmic consciousness, God, or Spirit, a natural intelligence that creates and sustains the voice. Through contact with this Higher Self, we move into the voice God has for us!

I offer these posts for contemplation and meditation. Your own truth and voice will come into your awareness if you open to it!

As St. Paul writes: My speech and my preaching were not in persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, … Which things also we speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches, but which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual things.
–1 Corinthians 2:4,13, World English Bible (WEB)

May the Spirit also speak to, and through you!

Harp and Drum
Tune In!
I am a Godsong
Instrument of Peace
The Voice of God
Throat Full of Song
I Invoke
Prayer to the Subconscious/Namaste

Prayer for Peace

I recognize that Peace is my natural state. By the Power and Presence of God within me, Peace is my divine right. It’s not something I have to work for, have certain material things to claim, wait for, or otherwise struggle or strive to achieve. There are no dues to pay; Peace is simply there for the realizing. And on all levels of my mind and being, I realize Peace now.

In my heart there is a center, that place that is virgin, untouched, unaffected by human experience. This is my place of Peace, my Christ-Mind conscious point of contact. Here, my soul is one with the Mind and Spirit of God. In this place I reconnect with God who is always dwelling there, no matter what outer appearances seem to say.

This Peace of God that passes all understanding radiates outward, upward, deeper and deeper. And I realize it, knowing myself as Peace, in all areas of my mind and life.

Peace is unchanging, because God is unchanging. As my life shifts to better express the Peace of God incarnate, for this is what I truly am, I notice the constant God-Presence that is powerful, peaceful, loving and lasting. This lasting Peace guides my life.

By giving up my personal ego and its expectations and activities each day, I re-establish my awareness and experience of true Peace. This Peace is beyond anything the personal ego could generate. Peace is real, while the personal ego is an illusion. Peace is eternal, while everything else is transient. In acknowledging this, I let go of the ego’s attachments to activities, needs, objects, states of mind and being, and relationships and conditions.

With God I co-create a peaceful state of being. By meditating on this peaceful Presence and experiencing it in the quiet, I carry it with me and express it in my daily life. I know that at any moment, I can turn within and declare, “Peace, be still, and know that I am God.” I choose this path whenever needed, as the Peace of God is with me wherever I may be in mind and body.

For this realization I give thanks. I let it be so. And so it is!

A Metaphysical prayer treatment.

Living Inspiration

I call forth Your Presence from the center of my mind, to radiate into my conscious mind. Into Your Presence I direct these Words. Inspiration comes from You and is within me always. By Your Power it flows through me. Without fear and egotism, I am an open channel, an empty vessel that carries Your inspiration, Your in-breathed creativity, into form. Each day I set aside the individualized sense of smallness, specialization, and limited potential. I surrender to Your Higher Mind, which is my real, divine, eternal nature. Aware that We are one, I seek and receive inspired direction, today and every day. Throughout this human lifetime, I live by and within Your infinite Presence. You have made me in Your image; therefore, I turn to the ultimate Source within me. For all You are, is all there is. And all that You are, is all that I am, and all that I need. For this realization I thank and praise You with my entire being. And so it is!

Prayer Treatment and You

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Blank Reason

my favorite sometimes-rambling poet. ❤

Ok, I'm going to do this ___.
Because ___
But you need ___
And logically ___ would work better.

So I guess logic has won out, again.
I do the sensible thing,
Because ___,
And because my intuition didn't make sense.

But now I feel bereft,
Bestranged (no apologies)

Because logic has a way of being
And dry!

It gets all its ducks in a row,
By letter,
O but that one's not allowed

And the ducks are never happy!

And without fail,
So I guess that means successfully,
Logic chokes off the voice of the Spirit.

And without fail,
So again, successfully,
Strips the poem of its rhyme,
The song of its sweetness,
And, dare I say it?,
O heck why not?,
Nature of its wonder
And the mind of its sight!

Yet there is good news,
And I'd better get to it,
Because logically this poem is much too long!

The good is this:
It's only temporary,
And it isn't really gone!

Logic is a veil.
But what you can't see behind it,
Is still behind it!

The Beyond,
Is still Beyond!

The Transcendent,
Still transcends the logical,
Sensible human mind!

And Thank God!
Because the human mind
Knows nothing,
Even when,
O and especially when,
It thinks it knows it all!

And In God's Mind
The ducks,
Every last one,
Without fail,
And truly successfully,
Even the ugly ones,
You know, the logically imperfect ducklings,
Each and every duck,
In its row or not,
Is blissfully happy!

So happy
They cry,
But they cry with joy!

So the next time logic asks you
Don't answer it with its own medicine
Being all sensible,
And all that other stuff
(Thank you, dictionary)
Don't spew the logical antibiotic
That kills all things
Without fail,
That is, successfully!

Let the Spirit speak,

Because like someone I can't remember said,
"All shall be well,
And all shall be well,
And all shall be well!"

Free verse indeed,
And so it is!

I am a Godsong

I recognize the Presence of God within me. Into this eternal Presence I direct these words.

I am a song. My voice is the melody. My words, the lyrics. My thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions come together to play chords. My heart beats the rhythm, keeping the time, the tempo, of my life.

Yet a song is more than the sum of its parts, and so am I. A song exists because of the Spirit of inspiration and creativity. A song is a form of self-expression, reflecting its creator. This is also true of me: I am a reflection of my Creator, God.

Limitations are illusions of the personal ego, just like a “bad” song. Every song, like every person, is perfect. God does not judge, only loves. For God is Love. And Love is Music.

In oneness with God, I love the song that I am. And as a co-creator with God, I compose my lifesong from Love. In turn, I love the song of my life.

God is Love; Love is Music, and I am a Godsong. For this realization I give thanks. I let it be so. And so it is!