Whole – Spiritual Song

A reminder of Truth, for contemplation, meditation and comfort.

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar
(Tenor guitar tuning, GDAE)

Hear the voice of the One Divine Spirit,
the I Am,
the Creator,
the Lifeforce of All.
Know the Truth of the Word;
Feel it;
Speak it;
With all your being
Be it.
For it is who and what
You really are.

1. I Am one
I Am whole
I Am strong
I Am blessed
By the Word
And the Song
Into Love, Light and Peace
Flow perceptions of wrong
I Am one
I Am whole
I Am strong!

2. I am known
I am loved
I am free
I am blessed
By the Christ
Within me
For I carry the Light
With compassion and see
I am known
I am loved
I am free!

Repeat 1-2.

As you Know,
Let it be so.
And so it is!

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Earth Day Affirmations

Feel free to use these as reminders, in meditation, contemplation, or
prayer treatment,
on this Earth Day or any day.

Recognition – I recognize that I am one with God. Therefore, I am one with the creations of earth, sky, and beyond.

Meditation – Through my daily practice of meditation, I make and maintain contact with the God-Presence within me – the same God-Presence in the earth, its vegetation, rocks, animals, waters, and all lifeforms.

Guidance – Universal Consciousness or God guides me in how best to respond to and care for the earth and all that live here. I am a living, breathing manifestation of God’s Power, and this Power encourages me to be a vessel of good to the earth and its creatures.

Realization – I realize the earth plane is one of change, evolution, and movement. I respond positively and spiritually when I notice conflict, and God works through me for the highest good of all.

Release – I let go of the need to fix anything, stamp out injustice, resolve conflict, and improve from the outside. As I become more aware of God within me, I respond naturally, and outer conditions improve from within.

Gratitude – I give thanks to the Spirit of the Universe that creates and sustains all life. I see the wonder, beauty, and order of God’s design. I give thanks for this divine Will and Plan and know that it unfolds perfectly in the Mind of God.

One Life, My Life

A song for meditational prayer treatment. Whether for health, finances, personal relationships, or any other physical, mental or emotional concern, becoming aware of your Christ Conscious Self promotes lasting change and security.

One Life, My Life – Lyrics

Instrument: Concert Viola

1. There is one River
There is one Life
There is one Spirit
Rippling through time.
I am that River
I am that Life
It is my Spirit
Waiting to shine.

2. From in the darkness
The Light appears
The Dawn absorbing
All stress and fears.
Accepting good now
My Mind is bright
May I be fruitful
In Love and Light.

3. I thank the Spirit
Who dwells in me
For this anointing
That sets me free.
I am the River
I am the Life
Christ Mind is in me
Rippling through time.

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Rocks and Rivers – Poem

The Path of Righteousness

By the Power of God within me, I walk the path of righteousness. Right thinking, right action, right word, right silence, right mind and soul state, right health in body.

The Mind is in me that was in Christ Jesus, and I am transformed in consciousness, focus and awareness.

I realize: I am that which I am – the Presence of God within me. I know that everything is resolved already. God is right here, right now. And I am a vessel that carries His Presence always. For this realization I give thanks. I let it be so, guided by the God-Presence that is my foundation and only true Reality.

And so it is!

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I Am Your Child

Holy Breath, Holy Spirit, cleanse and comfort my mind, so my awareness is drawn ever toward You. Loose these things from me, o God Almighty! Lift my mind from fears, regrets, and dwelling in negativity. Send Your Holy Spirit to cleanse, comfort, console and Christ my mind, body, life, and the minds, bodies and lives of all those I have affected or touched in any way. Sublimate all hurt so it is as if it never happened and no harshness remains!

Help me to know what to say and how to respond to others. And when a relationship needs to end on any level, o God I pray You end it through me, by Your Power! For I of myself do nothing! It is You,,,,,, o Father within me, who doeth these works!

I am Your Child, so may the Christ Mind be made flesh through me!

I am Your Child, and I am one with You!

I am Your Child, and by Your Power, I am about Your business! You are ever present within me, guiding and directing my words and actions!

I am Your Child, created in Your image of Love!

I am Your Child, born to manifest Your glory!

I am Your Word made flesh!

I am free, by the Christ Mind within me, that is one with You, o Father-Mother God!

By Your Power I have overcome much and will overcome more! In Spirit I am already perfect, even as You are perfect! And this my life manifests, by Your will and work!

Thank You God! I let it be so, to me and through me, and to and through all Your creations!

And so it is!

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Knowing Alpha and Omega

Cling only to the God-Presence within you, because in Truth, there is nothing else!

People, don’t last. Things, don’t last. Relationships, don’t last. Financial security, doesn’t last. Created works, don’t last. Self-help, doesn’t last. Self-improvement, doesn’t last. Addiction, doesn’t last. The world, doesn’t last.

But God does! God-Mind is infinite and eternal. God-Spirit is the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end (Revelation 22:13), in and out, our waking up and our lying down… (Psalm 3:5) All of these God knows and sees and is, and beyond, God still is.

For this realization, we give thanks! We let it be so throughout our being – in body, heart, mind and soul! For it is God who has made us, and not we ourselves. (Psalm 100:3) And so it is!

On Being Christ-minded

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.
–Philippians 2:5 (KJV)

As electrical current flows through a cord that is plugged into the outlet, let me be plugged into the Father, conduct the Holy Spirit, and be equal in mind to the anointed Christ! By the Power of God working in and through me, it is so. Amen.