Prayer for Peace

I recognize that Peace is my natural state. By the Power and Presence of God within me, Peace is my divine right. It’s not something I have to work for, have certain material things to claim, wait for, or otherwise struggle or strive to achieve. There are no dues to pay; Peace is simply there for the realizing. And on all levels of my mind and being, I realize Peace now.

In my heart there is a center, that place that is virgin, untouched, unaffected by human experience. This is my place of Peace, my Christ-Mind conscious point of contact. Here, my soul is one with the Mind and Spirit of God. In this place I reconnect with God who is always dwelling there, no matter what outer appearances seem to say.

This Peace of God that passes all understanding radiates outward, upward, deeper and deeper. And I realize it, knowing myself as Peace, in all areas of my mind and life.

Peace is unchanging, because God is unchanging. As my life shifts to better express the Peace of God incarnate, for this is what I truly am, I notice the constant God-Presence that is powerful, peaceful, loving and lasting. This lasting Peace guides my life.

By giving up my personal ego and its expectations and activities each day, I re-establish my awareness and experience of true Peace. This Peace is beyond anything the personal ego could generate. Peace is real, while the personal ego is an illusion. Peace is eternal, while everything else is transient. In acknowledging this, I let go of the ego’s attachments to activities, needs, objects, states of mind and being, and relationships and conditions.

With God I co-create a peaceful state of being. By meditating on this peaceful Presence and experiencing it in the quiet, I carry it with me and express it in my daily life. I know that at any moment, I can turn within and declare, “Peace, be still, and know that I am God.” I choose this path whenever needed, as the Peace of God is with me wherever I may be in mind and body.

For this realization I give thanks. I let it be so. And so it is!

A Metaphysical prayer treatment.

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