I Am Your Child

Holy Breath, Holy Spirit, cleanse and comfort my mind, so my awareness is drawn ever toward You. Loose these things from me, o God Almighty! Lift my mind from fears, regrets, and dwelling in negativity. Send Your Holy Spirit to cleanse, comfort, console and Christ my mind, body, life, and the minds, bodies and lives of all those I have affected or touched in any way. Sublimate all hurt so it is as if it never happened and no harshness remains!

Help me to know what to say and how to respond to others. And when a relationship needs to end on any level, o God I pray You end it through me, by Your Power! For I of myself do nothing! It is You,,,,,, o Father within me, who doeth these works!

I am Your Child, so may the Christ Mind be made flesh through me!

I am Your Child, and I am one with You!

I am Your Child, and by Your Power, I am about Your business! You are ever present within me, guiding and directing my words and actions!

I am Your Child, created in Your image of Love!

I am Your Child, born to manifest Your glory!

I am Your Word made flesh!

I am free, by the Christ Mind within me, that is one with You, o Father-Mother God!

By Your Power I have overcome much and will overcome more! In Spirit I am already perfect, even as You are perfect! And this my life manifests, by Your will and work!

Thank You God! I let it be so, to me and through me, and to and through all Your creations!

And so it is!

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