Living Inspiration

I call forth Your Presence from the center of my mind, to radiate into my conscious mind. Into Your Presence I direct these Words. Inspiration comes from You and is within me always. By Your Power it flows through me. Without fear and egotism, I am an open channel, an empty vessel that carries Your inspiration, Your in-breathed creativity, into form. Each day I set aside the individualized sense of smallness, specialization, and limited potential. I surrender to Your Higher Mind, which is my real, divine, eternal nature. Aware that We are one, I seek and receive inspired direction, today and every day. Throughout this human lifetime, I live by and within Your infinite Presence. You have made me in Your image; therefore, I turn to the ultimate Source within me. For all You are, is all there is. And all that You are, is all that I am, and all that I need. For this realization I thank and praise You with my entire being. And so it is!

Prayer Treatment and You

Whether general or specific, spiritual prayer treatment can be done for anyone or anything. Click here to learn how it works and request your own.

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