Prayer Through Depression

In light of recent events, I offer this meditational prayer treatment for anyone experiencing inner turmoil.

I am tired of the lists, the plans, the goals, the ruts, the failures, the decisions, and detours!

I can’t take any more of the feelings of low self-esteem, inadequacy, disconnect, and depression!

I desire to move beyond thinking, doing, feeling, struggling, striving, and trying to be fulfilled by outer things.

I give up my personal ego, that part of me that believes it is all I am. That part of me that sees problems, thinks it can solve them but falls far short, makes decisions out of fear and loneliness, and constantly repeats the same patterns and ways of being. Because this part of me is nothing; it is not who I am. It does not work for my good. It has no creative power, and it does not plan my life.

God is the only creative power! Through meditation I connect each day with the God-Presence within me. Through God’s power, I see negative feelings and experiences for what they truly are: Not as who and what I am, but as feedback, communication, and guidance to shift my awareness back to God.

Circumstances and events may seem bad. However, God is above, beyond and within all things. All-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful, ever-present God uses circumstances to work for His glory. Even through negativity, God is there, at the peaceful center of my being.

Every day I turn within myself, know God’s presence there, and realize that God creates and directs my life. For I am more than my feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and I open to this Truth every day of my life.

There is a conscious, Christ-Mind point of contact where my soul is one with God. I know this point in meditation, and carry that awareness with me throughout my day.

For this realization I give thanks. I let it be so. And so it is!

For further spiritual support, see Metaphysical Treatment Services.

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