Dance with Me

This could be a love song between people, except that people can’t “save” each other… Beyond that, the dance is a spiritual one, and the love is eternal.

Universal (God’s) Will is done, no matter what we think, say or do, whether we “like” it or not. But when we are conscious and aware of our partnership with the Divine, life flows more smoothly. There are still ups and downs, but they are more balanced and easier to navigate with God-Mind awareness.

To contact and maintain this awareness, we use meditation,
prayer treatment,
communing with nature, music, Yoga, and any number of personal spiritual practices. The key is to connect with the God-Mind flowing through you. Because it is within you, even when you’re not conscious of Its Presence. The “dance” is between you and God, one in Truth, and only appearing separate when the personal ego-centered human mind has focus.

May you dance consciously and joyfully with the Spirit within you!

Dance with Me – Lyrics

Also published in
Seasons of the Moon
Volume 13 Issue 4 Lammas 2016

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

Dance with me, easily,
While I hold you in my arms.
Move with me, in harmony,
While I keep your soul from harm.

1. I am always here with you.
My love is boundless, ever true.
Just let go and see the proof.
Dance with me, I dance with you.

2. Keeping rhythm, taking time,
Waltzing with your hand in mine.
I am here so you can shine,
Touching lives all intertwined.

3. I am here when you don’t know,
Guiding gently as you go.
Never once are you alone.
Dancing still, I bring you home.
Refrain: (Twice)

Dance with me, dance with me.