Wishing Well

Why is a Metaphysical minister writing a Goddess-centered song? Other than “Because I can!”

It’s because Metaphysics/mysticism and Goddess spirituality are not at odds with each other, if you have an open mind. In mystical Jewish and Christian traditions, the Shekina, Holy Spirit, or Holy Breath is considered feminine. She is Mother, Daughter, Sister, Beloved. She is one with the Father and Son, the Creator and the Offspring, not separate from either, but a part of everything!

A thought: Without a feminine aspect to bear, carry, and nurture, nothing would ever come to fruition!

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Wishing Well – Lyrics

Eventide – Mahogany Concert Ukulele
Soprano Recorder

Goddess is the wishing well,
The giving tree, the ringing bell.
From Her all things come and shall return.
Goddess is your sacred wish
From first desire to form of it.
She is Life, and Life is ever Hers.

1. She is every act of love.
She’s below and above;
Mother in the Earth and sky and sea.
She is everything you crave,
All the Will and all the Way.
Words and actions happen in Her Peace.

2. And the Goddess is in you;
She’s your Spirit and your Truth.
She creates and is creation all.
You are here, and you are She;
Feel abundant and be free!
Listen to the answer in Her call.
Refrain: (Twice)


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