One Life, My Life

A song for meditational prayer treatment. Whether for health, finances, personal relationships, or any other physical, mental or emotional concern, becoming aware of your Christ Conscious Self promotes lasting change and security.

One Life, My Life – Lyrics

Instrument: Concert Viola

1. There is one River
There is one Life
There is one Spirit
Rippling through time.
I am that River
I am that Life
It is my Spirit
Waiting to shine.

2. From in the darkness
The Light appears
The Dawn absorbing
All stress and fears.
Accepting good now
My Mind is bright
May I be fruitful
In Love and Light.

3. I thank the Spirit
Who dwells in me
For this anointing
That sets me free.
I am the River
I am the Life
Christ Mind is in me
Rippling through time.

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