Of Mankind, Marketing, and Mischief

The continued collection of spiritually oriented
Limericks. 🙂

There was once a young man of Bel Air
Who saw no one to love and to care.
But he found out all right
In the darkest of night
What he asked for was given in prayer.

“If you follow our plan to the letter,
You’ll become a rich, happy go-getter!”
This is really a trap
Set to market more lack;
For you God has a plan that is better!

There was once a young girl of a creed
Who was happily stringing some beads
In a circle they wound
And so came back around
To her home where she’d sown every deed.

We do not boil water to freeze
Or plant carrots and hope to grow peas.
How much worse for the soul
When we “take all control”
And expect God to follow our lead!