Keeping the Silence

I’ve fallen into the trap of telling people. I tell them the truth. I tell them the principles of this or that. I tell them how to do something they want to learn.

There’s nothing wrong with telling. Some people communicate concepts well using words. And some people learn well by hearing them. But most of all, people learn in the silence. They learn from living examples. So many times we talk, talk, talk, talk. When what we should do is walk, walk, walk, walk.

The key is not to ask others to do something we haven’t done ourselves. But to live the truth of what we’ve been given. Talk when needed, but the rest of the time, keep silent. Not out of lack, piety, limitation, inadequacy, or fear of speaking. But out of knowing, intuition, faith that our example is the Light.

People learn subconsciously. The mind is a sponge, even for those sad people who think they can’t learn anymore. Still, they are taking in information all the time. Why else do you think advertising works? It gets into the subconscious mind, takes root, and expresses as learning, buying, doing, being.

So, get into people’s minds. We can do this with words. But more than that, we do this by our actions. How do we look at people, physically? What expression is on our faces? How do we act around them? Is our body saying, “I have to go, hurry it up!” Do we turn away when people smile at us? Are we the first to offer a smile to someone we haven’t yet met? It’s about kindness, empathy, living in harmony with our fellow spiritual beings having a human experience.

Verbal communication is a God-given ability! And so is silent encouragement. What is the attitude we hold in our own subconscious mind? How does that affect our everyday mind that carries out daily tasks? How does it express itself in our actions?

Are we pure in heart, in the deepest levels of our minds? Because if not, people will know this, on some level of their own being. We are only responsible for ourselves, our own minds, hearts, bodies, and souls. But in being so responsible, we radiate something. We don’t live in a bubble. Every thought we think, every belief we subconsciously hold, every memory we shrink from, expresses itself. It is a part of our overall vibration. And when we speak, all that takes form, as words. And when we do not speak, all of that is contained in our silence.

So we first keep our own peaceful, loving, enfolding silence, a companionable silence flowing between God-mind and what we see as our personal existence. As we hold this gentle silence, we communicate with, to, and on behalf of others. Because whether we like to admit it or not, we are all one, one Life, one Mind, one Love, that contemplates itself.

Is our contemplation pure, or tainted by suppression of beliefs, thoughts, words and actions? Is it fear-based, or loving? Only we can really know that for ourselves, and this knowing takes place within the depths of the mind. In reality the mind is our only organ of sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, and the much more subtle senses of intuition, feeling, emotion and psychic vibration.

By keeping our own silence, we unconsciously give others permission to let go and find comfort in their silence. This is how the world changes, in the quiet, little by little, through a process that goes unnoticed much of the time. But it’s the most important process that was ever created, it is the creation process itself.

In the beginning there was silence. And out of the silence, God spoke. May we learn to speak from this universal silence of peace and oneness, and may our world gently shift as a result.

And so it is!


Keeping Your Own Council