“Those People!”

You know the ones –
They always get their hair done
Wear the fancy clothes
Eat out all the time
And go to YOUR favorite coffee place every morning…

And the others –
They have all the latest gadgets
And let’s not even talk about their cell phones
They have nice cars
But they’re on some government program…?

And there are more, oh you know there are always more –
They all speak THAT language
The one that isn’t yours
And they have THAT last name
The one that isn’t yours either
And they hold up every line YOU are forced to stand in…

“Those people!”

Pull up your boots
Stick out your chest
Square your shoulders
Brush back your hair like you just don’t care
Because you don’t, you know…

Look in the mirror
And wipe that smug look off your face…
Because you know what you are?
You are one of
Those people, too
So am I
And so is everyone else…

We may all have different priorities
Value lots of things
Speak other languages
And God forbid we eat out or have coffee against YOUR judgment…

It only seems bad to you
Because you think it is…

But “those people” are not divided from you –
You just believe that they are…

Look in the mirror again
And see something good
One simple thing
You can do this
It’s not that hard
You’re just not used to it…

Got one?

Next time you see someone
Doing something you wish you could
Having something you wish you had
Enjoying something you crave
Remember the Spirit
That embraces and enfolds
Both of you
From the inside
To the outside
And not the other way around…

There is as much God in you
As there is
In every one of
“Those people!”

And there’s enough God
TO go around
Because we are
Each and every one of us –
No matter what we think
Or what we do
Or how we act
Deep down where nobody sees
And where we should look more often –
We are
“God’s people!”

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