In the Closet

A sport coat, corduroy and navy blue,
Suspended in his closet for that day,
With gray pants and a crisp white shirt, all new,
And dark pink tie – the man is unafraid.

Her dress, dark pink as well, now hangs in wait,
And small white boots lay in the box to rest.
A glass pearl necklace ready for the date,
The navy blue that complements him best.

Her petticoat, a circle white and wide,
Puffs out the picture of this groom and bride. ❤

My response to Lilian's "Come hang with me!" prompt at

7 thoughts on “In the Closet

  1. LOVE it! You’ve described the two outfits so well and it’s a delight to read that last couplet and learn they are bride and groom. Love what’s hanging here….and in sonnet form too! 🙂


  2. Well done — immaculate really — I love how the attire in this closet could be for a hoped-for coming marriage, or to preserve a long-ago one. And they could be burial clothes. That’s to have and to hold forever!


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