Tree of Thanksgiving

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A 3-part, thanksgiving round – please enjoy, remember, and share!

Give your thanks in unbroken song!
Thanks to the One who is One and All!
Live your thanks, for you belong
To the Tree of Life!

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And enjoy these songs by Nancy Abercrombie!

Thanks be to God

Thank You, God


The service was so beautiful;
Communion cups were passed.
And from the light we saw that day,
The bond was sure to last.
But in the haze of drunkenness
With spirits flowing fast,
Their love gave way to skeletons
And shadows of the past…

A sad but too often true Quadrille for De’s “shadow” prompt at

The Scent of Pages

The scent of pages takes me back
To story time when, as a child,
I reveled in the sound of tales
Of lands far off and friends nearby.

The pages turn and years, they pass,
But even still my nose can tell
The difference in the newspaper
Or magazine, and books loved well.

The scent of pages takes me back
To brighter days and better times.
I catch it now and breathe a smile;
The pages sent an open mind!

Grace is hosting Tuesday Poetics at
where the challenge is to write about “scent”. Though I can’t read printed books, I’ve always been drawn to pages–stinky newspaper, slick magazines, old, well-worn books with cracked covers… I knew them all, both by touch and by scent. I still love paging through a book, not to read, but to take it in and remember there really is a world of possibilities right here!


Ouch! How the thorns of life impress their mark;
Impacting like a traitor in the dark!
A bleeding wound that never seems to heal;
With all the replays, blood cannot congeal.
Too overwhelmed, forgetful in the pain..;
Take heart! The roses always bloom again!

I’ve come to enjoy this, the Quadrille at
where Bj√∂rn is hosting, and today’s word is “rose”!

Still Life

I am the sculpture;
I’ll come right out and tell you that.
Which one?
I can’t say, because you don’t really care.

I was stone before I became this statue.
I am still stone.
And I will be stone even thereafter,
If (Merciful heavens!) I am chiseled to bits.

I told you I am the sculpture,
But I lied.
Yes, I, too, can create a ruse!
How do you like that?
The same way you like it when people point at you
Or put you in their neatly labeled box
And say, “THIS is who you are!”

You are not THAT,
And I am not the statue alone.
Heck! I am not even stone!
I Am Life!

You don’t think so;
You don’t believe what I say.
But did you believe me then,
When I said I am the sculpture?

No matter.
You can have your opinions,
And beliefs!
These are problems I do not have-

But I am still Life!
I was before the stone was.
I was before the sculpture was.
I am now,
In the stone and the rendered statue.
And I will be
Long after the sculpture is no more,
Long after the stone has eroded.
I am there.

But lest you leave this conversation all freaked out on me,
Let me come right out and tell you that
You are Life, too!
Stoned or not,
Oops did I say stoned?
Ha ha even the stones have a sense of humor!

Anyway, no matter the state
In which you find yourself, Grasshopper,
You are Life!
So live on,
For you are sculpture and stone,
Artist and observer,
Creator and creation!

Now step lively,
Rock the boat,
And live Life with the Spirit that You Are!

Oh, before you go?
Tell that painting over there
That it is still life, too.


dVerse | Poetics – Chisel Me a Conversation.
I had fun writing this!

What I Fear

I fear my feelings, great and small
That pile up and roll and balls,
Compress themselves so dense and deep,
To build their house on top of me!

They decorate my mind and heart
With everything that’s cold and dark.
They take my thoughts and feelings good,
And burn them up like coal and wood.

I fear the way that I would be
If they should get the best of me!
And so I turn to God above,
Within me now, for strength and love!

I may not always feel His peace,
But I know God will never cease.
He calms the storm and every fear
And makes these feelings disappear.

God washes out their house of sand,
For I am in His guiding hand.
He shows me where to build my place:
Upon His rock of truth and faith.

This poem was very loosely based on today’s NaPoWriMo prompt. The prompt was an Almanac Questionaire, and one category was “What I fear.” Also based on the New Testament parable of the wise builder and the foolish builder.

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The Music Inside

This poem is based on my experiences writing songs on ukulele. But it applies to all of life! Things tend to go better when we let the Universe or God micromanage them, rather than trying to go it “alone.”

4 strings and a bundle of nerves
2 hands and a couple of curves
fingers flying and taking a swerve
All for the music inside!

3 chords and the timing is wrong
Strumming, picking, is that a song?
Play it, sing it, move along
All for the music inside!

4 strings and a barrel of fun
Worry and hurry are over and done
The singing and playing in Spirit is One
All for the music inside!

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