Cookie Song

Why not sit down with some cookies and a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa for this one? Eat, drink, and be meditative. Who says it can’t be fun? 🙂

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. Baking yummy cookies, takes a lot of time.
Mixing up ingredients, and measuring just right,
Rolling out and thinning dough, and smoothing all the lumps,
Pressing down the cutters, making sure they don’t get stuck.

2. Cookies are a harvest, of patience, love and faith.
Effort is rewarded, with sweets to give and take.
Gobbled up so quickly, or savored nice and slow,
Every single cookie says, we’re made with love to show.

3. Sometimes there are cookies, we say aren’t good enough,
Maybe burnt or broken, maybe hard or rough.
Though every one is different, they are cookies just the same,
Some unique and special treat, a blessing to create.

Like those cookies, each of us is better for the storm.

Eat your cookies, with a thankful heart.
Eat your cookies, let them do their part
To show that love is always there, it’s just in different forms.
It’s mixed and rolled and baked and iced, for cookies soft and warm.
And like those cookies, each of us is better for the storm.


Cookie Cutter