Reacting out of Fear

We act out of fear. We do. And the really frightening thing is that we don’t even realize it. It’s normal, knee-jerk, habitual, unconscious, patterned. It’s the snappy comebacks, the words we blurt without thinking, because we’ve blurted them so many times before.

I dare say fear is ritualistic. Religiously we let it rule, just as some of us go to church, kneel, light candles, say prayers, and of course, leave the church with a sigh of relief that now we feel better and can live our lives as we please, in habitual, unconscious fear.

In what situations do you regularly react out of fear? Speaking to children? Commiserating with friends? Arguing with your spouse, partner, co-workers? Tearing down someone’s ideas?

What words do you use?

How do you feel, in your heart, in your gut?

What thoughts are you thinking?

What triggers fear for you?

In recognizing our own personal fearful patterns, we can bring them to the surface. Not to judge or criticize or beat ourselves up for having them! But to heal, replace with positive new patterns, and move on.

As usual I recommend meditation – a few moments spent giving up the personal ego, limited mind that fears, and reclaiming the God Consciousness within you. Meditation itself can be a ritual, and not a positive one, unless you’re fully engaged, with your entire being. This means mind, body, heart, soul. All your wonderful and varied aspects working as one, for at onement with your Spirit (spiritual) Nature.

I could tell you how to meditate. But my version may not work for you. And if it doesn’t, you may fear meditation… It’s not a certain meditative experience you’re after here. It’s a serene sense of knowing, beyond thought, beyond words, beyond feelings and emotions – meeting your Maker, your Self, within You.

And here, there is no fear. When the meditation time is finished, you still contain the Presence. And with awareness, intention, and focus, seeking the Presence on purpose as often as needed, you can respond positively to life situations.