The Scent of Pages

The scent of pages takes me back
To story time when, as a child,
I reveled in the sound of tales
Of lands far off and friends nearby.

The pages turn and years, they pass,
But even still my nose can tell
The difference in the newspaper
Or magazine, and books loved well.

The scent of pages takes me back
To brighter days and better times.
I catch it now and breathe a smile;
The pages sent an open mind!

Grace is hosting Tuesday Poetics at
where the challenge is to write about “scent”. Though I can’t read printed books, I’ve always been drawn to pages–stinky newspaper, slick magazines, old, well-worn books with cracked covers… I knew them all, both by touch and by scent. I still love paging through a book, not to read, but to take it in and remember there really is a world of possibilities right here!

10 thoughts on “The Scent of Pages

  1. I love how the pages of the book or newspaper can send you back as a child. For me, it’s also the fairy tale books of my aunt, not the usual ones but those illustrated by colorful pictures. Those were indeed happier, innocent and better times.

    Thanks for joining us and wishing you happy week.


  2. Very nice! It seems we both wrote about the scent of books, an intoxicating smell indeed.How wonderful to differentiate between the various media. Indeed, there is a wonderful world, or worlds I should say out there!


    • Hi Walt, I believe we get the information and experiences we need, even when they aren’t those we want, or those that others have. We still know, feel, and discern things, even though I can’t see them and you can’t smell them. I often say, “Same info, different means.”


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