Ordained by God: Who Says?

I’ve been doing a lot of meditation lately. No surprise there, as meditation is a core metaphysical teaching, first for mystical contact and oneness with God-within, and then for positive re-programming of the subconscious and conscious mind.

Through meditation I’ve sought clarity on the establishment of religion. Here I offer only the insights gained from this meditation. They are not professional or legal advice of any kind and should not be taken as such.

Some of the questions I’ve been asking in meditation are:

* What makes me a minister? Whose authority? What activities? And what proves I really am?

* If I don’t serve an incorporated church, am I no longer a minister?

* What about Jesus? No one ordained him that we know of. He had no single church building. And he never called himself a minister, though others called him Rabbi, or teacher. So how does this un-ordained, non-physical-church situation Christ experienced, relate to me?

You can see how these questions deepen, with that last one being the true heart of the matter. Religious metaphysics as I practice and teach it, is a Christian mystical tradition.

There, I said it. I welcome those of all faiths, but as you know, I do turn to Christ’s words and teachings more often than to others’. I respect all spiritual teachers and leaders for their contributions. And I’m open enough to know that at their core, all “established religions” teach the same things in their purest forms. I simply choose Christ’s teachings as a spiritual foundation.

I have recently said to myself, out loud, “What would Jesus do?” And most of the time I’m not one to ask that. I don’t look to the Bible for every little thing, or wear a “WWJD” bracelet. But I do desire to express whatever the Christ-Mind, the same mind that was in Jesus, divinely orders to be expressed through me.

So, “What would Christ-Mind do?”

First, conscious mind meditates and becomes one with Christ-Mind. Then, all things are made clear, through the Power and Presence of this One Mind.

Jesus didn’t have a church building. He roamed around quite a bit in what we presume to be about 3 years of ministry. The hillside was just fine for him more often than not. And it’s fine for me too! I haven’t spoken or preached on a hillside yet, but God knows I would! 🙂

The most important thing I gained from meditation, is the Spirit:

* The Spirit of the Law, and not the letter. I.e. Divine Law over man-made doctrine.

* The Spirit of Christ, not the physical trappings of a “church”.

* The Spirit of service, not the proof of specific activities that make me a minister.

* The Spirit of Truth, not “by whose authority are you ordained? And under what laws are you protected?”

I don’t need legal protection of any kind. And if at any time I do, it will be provided to me in ways that are in harmony with my spirit.

How do I know this? Because I have the Christ-Mind, the Supreme Source, Creator, Protector and Provider of all things to all creations! And it’s right here within me, always and forever, in this human lifetime, and in any and all other lifetimes of my soul!

And by what laws am I protected? The same law by which I live: The Law of Love, Law of Mind… The Law of God!

And so, I choose to remain an independent minister. No “This is my physical church building right here.” No articles of incorporation. “Just” the Chapel Within as I’ve come to call it; and my life as a vehicle of God-Mind, a lamp post, directing others to their own Chapel Within.

Because my Chapel won’t do for them! They–you and every person–each have their own! That is the beauty of God expressed as and through each one of us!

For this realization, and the freedom of God-within, expressed as everything we ever need, we give thanks, and let it be so!

And so it is!

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