Perceived Limitations

“Just remember: when you go to court, you are trusting your fate to twelve people that weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty!”—Anonymous

Believe it or not, I always thought it would be neat to serve on a jury. Before I considered myself an aware person, I wanted to play a part in deciding who was right, and who was wrong. Then, when I became more aware, I wanted to be a vehicle of divine order – manifesting higher purpose in the world. But I never thought about the process of being on a jury, what a juror does, and how they do it.

Recently, the above quote made me think. I read it in a friend’s email signature and remembered my desire to serve on a jury. I wondered why so many people want to get out of jury duty, and then there’s me: I’d love to be called, but never have been. What’s up with that?

I asked someone that question and got hit over the head with that cosmic baseball bat. The response was, “Well, there would be evidence that you’d have to see. And you can’t see.”

My reply was, “Oh really? Uh, I guess that’s true, but I never thought about that.”

I never considered myself limited in that way. And I still don’t! I also no longer want to serve on a jury! But I digress. 🙂

The important thing is, we have a choice. We choose how to perceive others, and more importantly, how we perceive ourselves. We can see lack and limitation. We can see appearances and call them limiting. Or we can have a desire, and see opportunities to fulfill it!

Are you limited by some physical, mental, emotional or other block? Your personal ego and sense of individual identity may shout out a resounding, “Yes!” But as Byron Katie says, “Is that true? Do you absolutely know that it’s true?”

And the answer, the ultimate Truth, is a resounding, “NO!” You are not limited by anything.

We create limitation by our perceptions, our sense of separation from Supreme Intelligence, Spirit, God – that which is All There Is. But ultimately, that separation is an illusion. At any time we can reconnect with the Truth of our being, and manifest, that is, bring into form, the fulfillment of our individual purpose and any desire that is in harmony with that purpose.

Will I serve on a jury? Probably not. But it’s not because I can’t, blind or not! It’s because that desire isn’t in alignment with my purpose. But manifestation of Higher Awareness? That is in accord with my purpose.

So, I’m thankful for this opportunity to become clear about limitation and most of all, about potential, opportunity, and possibility!

POP: Potential, Opportunity, Possibility!

That’s the purpose of true metaphysics, and why each of us are here: to POP in our own way, to manifest God and the universe, in all its versatility.

And so it is!

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