Praise the Lord – Song

Fun, metaphysical take on Psalm 150 “Praise the Lord!” Companion song to Praise God Within – Metaphysical Talk

Praise the Lord Lyrics

Instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

1. God is great, and in King David’s day they gave him praise
With the sound of instruments, and we can do the same!
‘Cause we’re another instrument He’s made!

We are God’s sanctuary;
We’re His firmament!
We live by His mighty acts!
He’s our very breath,
So praise the Lord!

2. Hear the mighty trumpet blast and clashing cymbals strong!
Praise our God within and let it carry far and long!
‘Cause all our life and living is His song!

3. Hear the lute and harp that give the one Creator praise.
Even as we rest , we know the Truth of ancient days.
‘Cause God creates and lives in us always!

4. Now the strings and flutes arrive to share their joy and peace.
Let us sing and dance in gratitude just like a feast!
‘Cause God’s the only one that does not cease!
Refrain: (3x)

Praise the Lord!

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