Oneness Meditation Treatment

I recognize that there is but one Life in this Universe. That Life is God’s Life, and that Life is my Life now.

God is Love. God is Power. God is Good. God is Cause. God is Eternity. God is Infinity.

God is Source. God is Substance.

God is Beauty. God is Peace. God is Joy. God is Breath.

God is Spirit. God is Energy. God is Lifeforce. God is One. God is All.

God is Universal. God is Cosmic. God is Creator. God is Creation. God is Love.

I unite my mind with God-Mind now, knowing that I am already one with Higher Consciousness. Because God is Consciousness, and God is All.

There is no separation between God and my Life, that is God-Life individualized. God is All there Is, now and always.

I declare, therefore, that God is living as me and through me in this moment. There is only one moment in Life. That is the Eternal Moment.

I align my mind with the Eternal Moment. I open myself to know, think, feel and experience all the good that God is, and has for me. God wants to manifest fully, through me. Otherwise I would not exist.

I know that there are many paths to God, and I know that my own path can and will evolve. For this I give thanks!

I realize that Divine Guidance and Order are at work in my life, because God is my Essence. Therefore, as my path evolves, I affirm and seek within for that Guidance. As I align with it, I receive it, through any and all channels.

I give thanks to God when I receive any and all good, no matter how small it seems. Because all Good is God, and all God is Good. The Essence of my Being is God.

For this realization and experience of being one with God, I give thanks!

I let it be so in this eternal, infinite moment that appears as my individual life, and beyond.

And so it is!

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