My Be-attitude – Metaphysical Talk

What is our ideal attitude? What is a christed attitude? Find out in this metaphysical spiritual talk and meditation!

Companion to My Be-attitude – Spiritual Song. Yes, the song came first. 🙂

Also see this timely, encouraging post from Purplerays:
Blessed to Bless! Thank you for sharing these inspired words!


I call forth God’s presence, from the center of my mind. I release all negativity from the past week, and open myself to God-thoughts, inspired action, and peace of mind and heart. I allow God to work through me, and flow through me to others. I give thanks that at any time, I can bring my focus back to God’s presence, within me always. As I let it be so, so it is!

Matthew 5:1-12 (NKJV)


I bless God as Supreme Creator. And I bless each creation as an expression of God. My attitude of blessing is made and maintained by God. I bless others by the Power of God working through me. For each blessing given and received in and through my attitude, I give thanks. And so it is!

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