Who Does the Work Around Here?

Metaphysical message, meditation and treatment for health in honor of Labor Day. We all have work to accomplish here, but who really does it? Listen in and find out!


I call forth God’s presence, from the center of my mind. I release all negativity from the past week, and open myself to God-thoughts, inspired action, and peace of mind and heart. I allow God to work through me, and flow through me to others. I give thanks that at any time, I can bring my focus back to God’s presence, within me always. As I let it be so, so it is!

Matthew 11:28-30 (NKJV)


Recognition – I recognize that God is the ultimate doer. Nothing is separate from God, and nothing is accomplished apart from God.

Identification – I unite my mind with the Power of God to accomplish all that is mine to do. I know this Power is within me and is naturally mine. I claim it now by focusing my attention and awareness on God-Power.

Realization – I realize God-Power in my life. I see it expressed in my personal and professional relationships, my family life, my job and career, my hobbies, and all aspects of my life. My entire life is God’s life individualized, and God is the conductor and orchestrator of everything.

Acceptance – I accept God’s direction in my work and life. When I think I deserve credit, I turn inward. I give up my personal ego and its will, and give credit where it is due–to God. When others give me credit for accomplishments, I graciously thank them and gratefully give credit, as Jesus did, to “the Father within me who doeth these good works.”

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