Come unto Me – Metaphysical Song

I started writing this song while working on Do not Worry – Metaphysical Service. I finished it for Who Does the Work Around Here?

I have a past full of worrying myself sick… Which thank God is just that: PAST! And it helps me offer compassion to those who still worry.

Come unto Me – Lyrics

Instrument: Yamaha NP31 76-key digital piano

Come unto me, all ye that labor,
And I will give you rest.
Come unto me, ye heavy laden!
Lay down your burdens, put me to the test.

1. Take my yoke now upon you,
For it’s an easy load.
You will carry it with me
And never on your own.

2. Take my burden upon you,
For it is very light.
Learn from me to be gentle,
And keep a heart that’s right.

3. All these things that you carry
Are only in your mind!
Take my love and my caring;
Let me guide your life.

And rest, rest, rest your soul!

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