Affirmative Prayer Class Week 5

This is week 5/6 of Affirmative Prayer: What is it and why Should I Care? (Click to review previous weeks.)

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We began with some metaphysical prayer treatment. Talk is cheap as the saying goes; so I wanted everyone to participate in the treatment experience.

Treatment for Health

This treatment and the following one, are spontaneous, channeled prayers. I transcribed them later from my class recording.

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I acknowledge and recognize that there is one Mind and one manifesting body in the Universe. This Mind is the God-Mind, and the body that is the Universe, is God’s body. This body that is God’s is my body now. I know that God within me is the source of health, strength, and vitality in my own physical body.

I know that when I experience pain, it’s a signal to my mind and body to reconnect with the Presence of God within me. Pain is only a signal; it is neither good nor bad. Illness and the appearance of any sickness, is an opportunity to reconnect and bring my awareness back to the health that is my divine right.

I realize and I accept that health can be mine, through the God-Presence within me, that is all-loving, all-knowing, and all-seeing. Limitations as to how health can come to me, or what has to happen for me to be healthy, fall away. I bring my faith and my awareness – my inner knowing – back to the God-Presence. And I release physical outcomes. I accept that God knows I have physical needs, and that I can have the health that is my divine birthright. God-Mind wants its creations to be healthy, and I as a child of God, am healthy now.

I allow the reality of my ultimate, divine health to manifest itself in all perfect ways. These include mental health, physical health, emotional health and well-being, strength and vitality whenever and wherever I need it.

In the peace and calm of this time, I release attachments to having to do things to create my own health through a personal ego sort of action; physically oriented steps. I know that when I must take physical action to manifest health, I do so with divine inspiration. SO that the actions I take are the right actions for my path, according to the God within myself.

As I realize my own health on all levels of my being, I give thanks. I let it be so, now and always. And so it is!

What is God’s Body

I’ve never used those words in a treatment before. But they came up this time, and someone asked what they meant. 🙂

If God-Mind is Universal Mind or consciousness, then God’s body is the physical universe. The manifest Universe, everything that has any form at all, is God’s body.

If your personal mind is an individualized manifestation (form or part) of God-Mind, then what is your physical body? An individualized part, as a drop is of the ocean, of God’s body.

In the Bible the body is called the Temple of God, Temple of the Holy Spirit, body Temple, or body of Christ. What is it really a Temple of? God-Mind. Our bodies, as the physical forms they are, contain the God-Mind. They contain it in that they are vehicles to manifest God-Thought. And they contain it, because our bodies are made of, and come from, God-Mind or Universal Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness is another name for the God-Presence within us. So the body of Christ, is truly our body (including our physical bodies) as well.

Treatment for Financial Well-being

Right click and choose “Save target as…” or similar to download this treatment with harp accompaniment. Download Metaphysical Treatment for Finances mp3

God-Mind within me, Universal Consciousness of all, I know that You know I have financial needs.

I know that Your desire for me, as one of Your creations, is that I have all I need to have a fulfilling life on this earthly plane of existence. I know that my desire to fulfill all my financial obligations is good, and I know that it comes from You, the Source of all things.

I know that the people I receive services from are one with You. They come from Your oneness, and they are made of Your presence, just like I am. It is right that they receive their compensation for the services that they provide.

I know that money is a form of exchange here on this earthly plane. And I know that at its essence, money is Your presence. All desires of my heart and my mind are implanted by You, and where there is a desire, there is always fulfillment.

And so I release all attachments that I have to sources of income, means of payment, ideas of how money must come to me, or how obligations must be met. You must have ways of meeting obligations that I, in my personal mind, know nothing about. I accept the possibility that somewhere, beyond my ego and any attachments I hold, all my financial needs are met, now.

In Your peace, I rest in the realization that the people who provide me services, the people that I owe money to on this plane – their needs are met as well. Because You are the Source of all desires, you are the Source of all fulfillment. Nothing can exist apart from Your presence.

I allow Your presence to meet all of my needs and the needs of those who provide me services here.

I accept that all my financial obligations are immediately met. I do not need to know how they are met, and by what means. I only need to know and realize that in Your ultimate presence, all needs are met.

I give thanks for the meeting of these needs, in whatever form that manifests. It could be money, but it might not be. And I give thanks for the infinite number of ways, that You have in Your wisdom and presence, of meeting the needs of all Your creations. In peace I realize that I am one. I am one with You; I am one with any desire and its fulfillment. And for this, I give thanks. I let it be so. And so it is!

The Treatment Experience

Everyone in the live class, myself included, felt relaxed after our prayer treatments. Some felt a sense of possibility and openness, and that their focus shifted from the problem, to a better state of mind.

The rest is yours! It is for you to take the time to pray/treat. It’s up to you to allow the God within you, to expand your conscious mind. Even when working with a Practitioner, it’s still your allowing that makes a treatment successful – or your not allowing that makes it seem like it didn’t work.

Where does prayer/treatment come from, and what should I pray for?

Prayer comes through us. If you’ve ever enfolded someone in love, sang and wondered where “that voice” came from, or felt amazed at something you created or accomplished; then you’ve had the experience of being a channel.

“Lord, make me a channel (or instrument) of Your peace…”

When we pray out loud, the words flow through us. We simply allow them to be spoken, or written by our voice, or our hands. Our sense of personal, solitary existence falls away; and we feel divine oneness. This is like a meditative experience and can also be felt in prayer. For me, that feeling comes when I know, no question, that the prayer is answered. We call this step realization.

Prayer comes from the Divine Mind. It comes from God, the Source of all desire and fulfillment of desire.

And that is how we know what to ask for in prayer. We ask, aloud if need be, for the prayer to come through us. We ask to be a vehicle or channel of God-Thought. And the prayer is carried out, answered or demonstrated through us.

If we don’t know what to pray for, or how to pray, or what words to use, we ask for divine clarity and intuition. Then, we let go of personal agendas and give thanks for the ability to channel God-Thought into our minds, hearts and lives.

Letting go is the key. Put down the personal ego, release the intellectual thinking mind, set down the monkey-mind (you know, the one that chatters on and on endlessly all day long…), and go within where Truth lives. This is a peaceful place, and many of us have trouble being here. It’s because we’ve been taught to struggle. But whatever we’ve learned, we have the choice and opportunity to unlearn. Whatever we’ve accepted to be true and real, we can sublimate with something better – Ultimate Truth. Meditation and prayer, done separately at different times, work together to bring us back to oneness, where isolated, personal existence is less dominant. And all I can say to that, is, “Thank God!”

What is a Successful Treatment?

Simply and beautifully, a successful treatment shifts perception and perspective.

Did you start our treatment for health with a list of issues? Possibly, and that’s ok.

Did you end with a peaceful knowing? A sense of possibility and openness? Even relief on any level? If so, then the treatment was successful for you.

A successful treatment brings our awareness and perception back to ultimate, divine reality. Now, it’s not far off and something we just read about; it’s ours and we know it in a conscious way.

Yet metaphysical treatment itself doesn’t do that “for us.” Neither does meditation or any other practice. Metaphysical practices are just tools. Each of us individually, needs to allow and cultivate our own connection to God-within.

Class Outline

Follow along below in the last section of the class outline. Explanations begin with *.

VII. Prayer Practice Guidelines

* You are encouraged to create a prayer practice that is a joy to you! Below are just some things to consider as a starting place.

A. Quiet yourself as much as you can

* Using meditation, relaxation techniques, deep breathing, and/or focusing our attention on a calm feeling, we allow the mind to become quiet. Anyone can pray anywhere, at any time! And the more consciously we pray, the better. This is why inner quiet is encouraged.

B. Go within, directing attention to God at the center of your mind

* Phrases like:

* God-Mind at the center of my mind

* God within me

* Higher Mind at the nucleus of my mind

* Universal presence within

* Spirit at the core of my being

And more are used to direct our attention inward. Christ said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” This is where we direct our attention before and during prayer – to the core of our being which is Universal, God, Spirit, Cosmic or Christ Consciousness.

C. Adopt the right attitude of prayer

* See last week for a refresher of the attitude or mental space to hold for effective prayer.

D. Pray at least 3 times daily

* Why? Isn’t that a little strict?

1. As continual treatment of your consciousness

* Prayer, like any other thought, is cumulative. The more we pray, the more our mind is being opened and expanded. And the more we live as though our prayer is answered. So we pray for instance, 3 times a day, to continually tune up our mind to the Truth.

Since prayer doesn’t take long and can be done anywhere, it doesn’t have to be a large time commitment. Prayer may take longer at the beginning, but the more we pray, the more quickly we realize–make our prayer real to us. The more quickly we “realize,” the less time prayer takes.

2. To expand this “treated” positive consciousness

* Again, this is an opening of consciousness, or personal mind. As we pray, positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs accumulate. Where? In our subconscious mind, which controls our surface, or conscious mind. So regular prayer expands both the subconscious and conscious mind, improving the root of our beliefs and our daily attitude all at once.

3. To keep consciousness open to the power of God to answer

* We’ve said before that more doubt than prayer, breeds answers that take longer. Regular prayer keeps positive, ultimate reality at the forefront of our minds and hearts. It keeps us open to and conscious of the God-Power within, and its ability and desire to answer our prayers.

4. To strengthen your faith that the prayer is answered

* Prayer feeds itself. It feeds strength, faith, intuition, knowing, and daily life. Doubt and negative feelings feed themselves too… So our choice is, which will we feed? Prayer, or negativity? Faith, or doubt? Knowing, or wobbling? More faith, through prayer, gives us more faith. When we live this faith, from an inner knowing that it is so…

5. As a tool, use with visualization of, and meditation on the prayer in completed form (demonstrated)

* then so it is! Use verbal or written prayer as a tool. Combine it with meditation and/or visualization. Be conscious of visualization, as not to limit the outcome. Ask for, “This (visual or feeling picture) or something better.” This way we don’t limit what the God-Mind can express to and through us. See the prayer already manifest, answered, formed or demonstrated. See it done; live it done. Because in God-Mind, it is already done. The sooner we intuit this, the sooner manifestation happens.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!

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