Oneness Prayer

This metaphysical prayer treatment is most effective combined with meditation. This way it’s not just a prayer for oneness, but when used while in contact with the God-Mind in meditation, is truly a prayer from the state, or experience of oneness.

I acknowledge and recognize that there is but one Mind and one Life in the Universe. That Life is God, the Universe itself, Cosmic Intelligence, One-Mind, Universal Consciousness, First Cause, Source of all, and Creator of all things. I know that this Mind is eternal, and that all that exists within it, exists also in the single moment of eternity.

I know that I am one with and within the Eternal Mind. I accept this oneness now, and realize that it is the Truth of my being.

I know that all that I think, feel, say and do sets up psychic vibrations that radiate within the Universal Mind. I know that each vibration I radiate affects Life and the world within and around me.

Therefore, I choose to set aside my personal ego sense of identity, and consciously connect myself with the God-Mind within me. I allow myself to know and experience oneness.

In this way, the psychic vibrations I emanate are in alignment with the Higher God Mind. They promote love, joy, peace, prosperity, creativity, fun, openness, intuition, and fulfillment, in my life and in all individualized expressions of the one Life that is God made manifest.

Through and within each person and thing, God is made manifest. In choosing to align myself with God-Mind, I amplify my awareness of the God-Presence within every being.

I allow myself to rest in God, to live in Universal Good, to be fulfilled by Universal Plenty, and to experience and share Cosmic Peace with the world around me. For in oneness there is no inside, no outside, no time, no space, no self, and no others. There is only one Life, and that Life is my Life now.

For this realization and experience of God’s oneness, I give thanks. I let it be so. And so it is!

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