Tools of the Trade – A Deeper Meaning

Prayer, meditation, reading, journaling, listening to music… These and many other practices can be tools for self-discovery. However we spend our time should be fulfilling, fun, joyous and beneficial. And spiritual practice is ideally rewarding.

The idea here is to choose tools that resonate with you. Journaling, for instance, is a valuable practice for many people. However, taking up journaling just because it’s “recommended” may not be rewarding for you. Whatever tools you choose to deepen your spiritual practice must be beneficial to you.

If you currently have a journaling practice, is it working for you? Do you feel that it connects you to God at the center of your mind? If not, perhaps explore new journaling tools and techniques. Or try a different tool, like listening to music, another form of meditation, or prayer.

The purpose of true metaphysics is to connect with the God-within, and use that power in your life. Any practices you engage in regularly should meet this goal.

The question is, how do you discover the tools that work for you? The answer is so obvious that many of us (and I do mean US!) overlook it. The way to fulfilling, deep and beneficial spiritual practice is to ask for guidance. Maybe you feel you don’t pray, meditate or write well. But that’s ok! All you need to do is quiet your mind and ask with a clear intention, “I ask for guidance from the God-Mind within myself, toward the physical and spiritual tools that deepen my awareness of the Presence.” This simple affirmation will open your conscious mind to God-Mind, and truly, this is all we ever need to do.

May the God within you bless you, fulfill you, and bring you tools that are fun, joyful and rewarding for the enrichment of your life!

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