Self-soothing: Realigning with Truth

We often hear the word “self-soothe” regarding babies. It usually means they shove a tiny fist in their mouths to keep from crying. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like self-suppression to me. So, how can we, as spiritual beings living a human experience, self-soothe for the better?

Self-soothing means gently lifting the ego and personality to a higher state of consciousness. The object isn’t to have no ego or personal uniqueness at all! Instead, it is to willingly rest the personal ego and character in the hands of Universal, Higher, God, or Cosmic Mind. How you do that will depend on what resonates with you at any moment. Here are some ideas:

* Music–music is a powerful force. It’s an expression that comes right from the heart. When used for good, music can bring us back from a negative physical, mental, emotional or spiritual place.

Types of music are so diverse! With a little asking for guidance and a search of your music collection, you’re sure to find some that can, as I often say, “Match you, then take you higher.” Maybe you’ll need to start with a piece that reflects where you are–sadness, anger, etc. But consciously choose to move on from that, with a better-feeling piece of music. Keep doing this until you are where you want to be in consciousness and vibration.

Meditation–Of course, meditation is always recommended. 😀 Connecting with the God-Power within you is the best way to drop what you don’t want, for what you want.

But sometimes meditation isn’t practical, or you’re just so caught up in feelings and emotions that it seems pointless, or even fuels the negative feelings. At times like this it can be helpful to use something else first. Music as above, writing, or walking can help. Or take a coffee or tea break, talk to a friend–but be careful not to dwell on the negativity! So distract yourself from the negative feelings, then meditate to affirm well-being.

Writing–No, this is not “for writers!” In fact, self-professed writers might have trouble with this! This is for you, and you don’t even have to read it, not even once. This is stream of consciousness writing. You write what you think, as you think it. Your hand or fingers might have trouble keeping up with your thoughts, but that’s ok. Just write.

Write until you feel the burden lift, until you feel soothed. Then choose what to do with it: keep it, burn it, read it, don’t read it, bury it. Do whatever will add to a positive state of mind–that’s why many people don’t keep the writing, because it doesn’t serve highest good to do so. 🙂

Review your creations–In What is Self-expression? I mentioned using my songs to self-soothe. I know you’ve created something you’re proud of! Or maybe someone has given you something that reminds you of your achievements. Use these things to remind yourself that you’ve felt positive before. When you’re “there,” you can shift to the idea that you can feel positive, be creative, and achieve goals again. This is my current favorite way of coming out of the fog of negativity.

Realize that the same thing may not work all the time. Just because music usually works, for instance, doesn’t mean it always will. Be open to new ways of bringing your personal mind into alignment with Higher Mind. Because as we evolve, so do our ways of responding to life.

Self-soothing in this case, is not escapism. It’s not about just forgetting how you feel or what’s bothering you. It’s about truly sublimating negativity with positiveness. It doesn’t mean you’ll never feel negative again. But as you practice this true self-soothing, you’ll reach for positiveness more quickly. You’ll connect intuitively with the God-Presence within you, maintain contact with it, and allow it to express itself in your life.

And that is what Life is about!

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