Do not Worry – Metaphysical Service

Sunday service/celebration reflecting on why and how we can live in peace, free of worry, stress and struggle. Audio includes invocation, treatment for health, scripture (within talk), message, meditation, and affirmation. Approximately 30 minutes in length.

Remember to check out the companion song!

See also Daily Word for Sunday, June 9, 2013 – not included here.


I call forth God’s presence, from the center of my mind. I release all negativity from the past week, and open myself to God-thoughts, inspired action, and peace of mind and heart. I allow God to work through me, and flow through me to others. I give thanks that at any time, I can bring my focus back to God’s presence, within me always. As I let it be so, so it is!

Excerpt from Teach us to Pray

by Charles Fillmore

Talk to the Father as if He were an entity present within you. He is visible to your soul, and when you have attained the particular inner confidence called faith, you will realize His presence as clearly as you realize visible things. When you have stilled the outer senses and have become quiet, you are in the mental realm where thoughts are obedient to the word. Error thoughts must be told to go, and true thoughts must be called to take their proper place.

. . .

Six-day Prayer Treatments

Fear, anxiety, worry, dread, and suspense–these thoughts cause the mind to become tense, thus shutting out the great helper, the Spirit of truth. Say silently:

I am now free from fear, anxiety, worry, dread, and suspense. I have faith in Thy Holy Spirit, and I trust Thee to protect me, to provide for me, and to bring all my affairs into divine order.

Matthew 6:25-34 (NKJV)


Treatment for Peace

I know that God knows I have needs. In this moment I choose to release all worry to the God within me. I allow peace and security to take its place. Whenever I feel worry, I turn within to experience peace. I let God supply my needs, guide my life, and lift my mind to the highest and best, for me and for everyone. For this I give thanks. I let it be so. And so it is!

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