In the Thick of It

Recently it was brought home to me that when I’m in the thick of it, I don’t realize just how much I actually accomplish!

I have a bunch of things on my plate besides the personal stress of life and relationships, including 2 different training programs I’m not only enrolled in, but diligently studying. I also regularly write at least a few weekly poems. On top of that, I learn, perform, and publish 2–and often 3–new musical pieces every week!

Writing this now, my mind is admitting, “Yes, that’s a lot of stuff!” But I didn’t realize it until I heard another musician talk about learning new tunes or pieces. This kind-hearted, busy lady is the director of a healthcare music training program, is a working clinical healthcare musician herself, and plays professionally in at least one band. And that’s just what I know about her. I.e. I’m sure she does a million more things than what I’ve listed here, and does them all to the best of her ability!

She was talking about playing sessions with traditional Irish musicians. And she said, “They learn a new tune every week! I can’t do that!” And I thought, “Well, I learn at least one; lately it’s been 3… And I can do it. But it is stressful!”

This is why, after this month, I’ll be slowing down. I may still learn one new tune weekly, or I might return to original music–which I do miss. Or improvisation/meditation music, which is part of the training program. But I’ll be taking a break in some form.

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to point out, even indirectly, “Hey! You do a lot!” And then the light bulb finally comes on! But not when I’m in the thick of it, apparently!

My response to Michael’s
MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt: In the Thick of It.

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