Time and Eternity

It’s human nature to ask questions. When we lose a loved one, we ask why God took them from us. When someone we love has a serious accident or becomes very ill, we ask why it had to happen to them. When we feel emotional despair, we ask God why He has forsaken us, when all we want is for the pain to go away and peace to enfold our minds and hearts. When we see violence, hunger, suffering, and hardship in the world, we ask why God doesn’t stop it.

There is nothing wrong with our questions. It’s human nature to ask why. But we look at Him through the wrong end of the long telescope of time. We only see our present lives and circumstances, thinking there is nothing more. But God sees everything, all at once, through the telescope of Eternity!

A prosery piece of 144 words, using the line in bold from “The Hummingbird” by D.H. Lawrence, for Kim’s prompt at

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