The Story of the Mind #SixSentenceStories

How elastic the human mind is!

It’s changing and changeable, contracting and contractible, expanding and expandable, a true wonder of nature!

Unfortunately, it’s also elastic in its habits, obsessively returning to them, building their negativity, over and over and over again.

Just when we think we’ve dealt with an issue, moved past a hurdle, forgiven someone, conquered guilt and fear, or grown at last, we find our minds taking that same old trip down that well-traveled, all too familiar negative spiral instead, again and again and again!

What can we do about this insanity, for insanity it is, if insanity really means doing the same thing over and over and over again, but expecting different results?

We must constantly, elastically, over and over and over again, give up our minds to the Great Higher Mind, the One that changes nature, and the One that makes nature willing to change!

A little story about a huge thing, written for
Denise’s #SixSentenceStories Prompt, Elastic.

Please also read
Elastic Truth by Frank Hubeny,
which inspired this story and was written for the same prompt.

18 thoughts on “The Story of the Mind #SixSentenceStories

  1. tru dat!
    As the saying holds, ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’ so, even if it is the endless maze of repetition, a large part of our selfs… prefer the old to the novel.
    Thoughtful Six, yo


  2. Sometimes it takes a while to finish that trip, but when all the lessons one needs to learn concerning the situation have been learned we are ready to move on no longer having our minds entrapped in painful memories. Excellent SSS.


  3. I like your taffy idea in the comments above! Probably not many people have pulled taffy (last time I tried, the finished product looked like entrails, especially since I tried to color it pink…)


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