Nightmares, Emails, Energy Patterns–Oh My!

I recently had a nightmare…that was really disturbing, to say the least. I guess that’s why it’s called a nightmare!

I also deleted a boatload of emails, starting from September of last year, all the way up to yesterday.

What do these things have in common? The removal of energy patterns.

When we have a nightmare, it has a beginning and an end. We may not know just when it started, but we know it had to start sometime. And we know it ended–at least technically it did–because we woke up. But the essence of it, the feeling we had, the horror of it most often, stays with us. That is its energy pattern.

When we send an email, sometimes it’s kept in the Sent folder. And we don’t think about it, until someone says, “Uh, I tried to send you this, but it said your mailbox was full.” That’s what happened to me. So I started deleting old messages. I’m not generally a saver, but I forgot about that Sent folder. Every message I ever sent using this service, was still in that folder!

But even when I deleted them from the Sent folder, they were still in the Trash. Their energy pattern still existed, even though the messages weren’t readily visible anymore. So, to get rid of the energy pattern, I had to empty the Trash folder too.

In this way I transformed 2 energy patterns: the horror of the nightmare, and the fullness of the email box. But what does this have to do with life? Glad you asked…

As Dr. Paul Leon Masters points out, everything has an energy pattern. An imprint, an essence, an outline if you will. This is very apparent when someone loses a limb or other body part. I felt this after my eyes were removed. Phantom pains, light that I couldn’t really see but thought I did, oh it was very strange for a while! Because even though I knew I didn’t “have eyes,” I remembered when I did. I lived as if I still had them, and I experienced the same things–light perception, pain, etc. Because their energy pattern remained.

When we have nightmares, experience physical loss, or even delete emails, there are several things to clear. We focus on clearing the physical manifestation, but life is always more than that, more than the sum of its parts. We need to focus also, on clearing the mental, emotional and psychic imprints of what has passed on from physical form. Only when we’ve done this clearing, can we replace these old energy patterns with new, positive, beneficial ones.

Energy Clearing Affirmations

All old energy patterns are being sublimated by positive new ones in my life.

All physical imprints are cleared, making way for new, evolved manifestations in my experience.

All emotional ties are sublimated, through love, into positive connections.

All negative subconscious aspects are removed now. I affirm the power of positive aspects in my life.

All mental thought fields are cleansed, renewed, open and revitalized. My thoughts are bright, evolving and of service to me and all others.

All negative psychic causes are transformed into spiritual light causes and manifest in perfect ways in my life.

I give thanks for my true nature of spiritual God-Light, the power of my Higher God-Mind, and the co-creative process I tap into when I create my life with God. And so it is!

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